Best ways to celebrate kiss day

Propose with Flowers in a Romantic way 

There comes a time in life when we have finally realized that this person who we love is the one I want to spend my life with. So now all you have to do is propose to your partner. Well proposing will be a tough task, if you are somebody who easily gets cold feet. And that’s why below on the list you’ll find options that’ll ease out all your fear and while being in your comfort zone you could propose to your partner. These are the most unique ways of proposing that you would have never heard of, follow the list below to propose without any hindrance.

1) All-Natural Skincare kit 

All-Natural Skincare kit

An all-natural skincare kit is a must gift for your partner, whom you are planning to propose. Well, there are many people who still don’t have too much time while proposing.  One of the best things is that they can give a skincare kit to their loved ones and tell them how much they love being a part of their life. Skincare kit is something that you can give people all year long and nobody will say why you brought this thing to me?

After all, it is something that will take care of your partner and they will feel rejuvenated day after day by using it.  So in a way, this would be something special for them. Now, this kit could be made up with extracts of cocoa powder and shea butter because they are the main ingredients in chocolate and this will be followed by an online cake and flowers delivery in mumbai with a teddy bear. Also in any other city, you would want to.

Like this skincare kit, you must promise that you’ll take care of her all through your life and decorate your whole room where you are planning to propose with flowers.

2) Cakes, Flowers, and Rings 

Cakes, Flowers, and Rings

A traditional way of proposing is simply to decorate the house with flowers, candles, and balloons. Get ready and prepare a wonderful meal for your partner. Keep your rings ready and don’t practice too much, just go for it. Just when you are finished proposing to your partner, and on-time online cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city, it would be another great surprise for your partner. If the other one actually knows what your partner is planning on doing, then these flowers and cake could be your surprise.

3) Grow An Indoor Garden Of Flowers 

Grow An Indoor Garden Of Flowers

Often we have heard that it’s the sweet little gestures that make our life beautiful and adds more meaning to it. and that is why in order to propose to her you can start planning at least 2 months before and grow small plants in pots make a really beautiful garden indoors and then with these flowers you could decorate that whole balcony or space wherever you have kept all these flowers with balloons candles spread of flowers around the room 8 you got finally tell what your partner means to you. And after this will arrive at the best part that you can get some more flowers and flower delivery in Bangalore with a cake and teddy bears to show more warmth. Or this could be a good gesture from your side for that partner who has proposed to you.

4) Plain Dandelion Wishes Candles 

Plain Dandelion Wishes Candles 

Plain Dandelion Wishes Candles 

Have you ever had earthen pot candles or ceramic pots? Well, now your this wish is coming true. Plain dandelion wishes candles are sold online by various companies. The inside is of course candle and outside has a beautiful quote. So you could decorate any place of your house or roof and balcony with these ceramic candles and flowers and propose to your partner.

Whilst you could surprise your partner with an online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or wherever their office is situated.

5) Erin Condren Life Planner 

Erin Condren Life Planner 

Erin’s life planner is a great way to start your proposal and look forward to life after that. Now the point is how do you propose to your partner with these planners? Well, it’s simple you could just send it to her office with a king attached on the date of the proposal and chocolate bouquet delivery in Bangalore or any other city. This will make for a wonderful long-distance proposal too. And then later that same day you could reach to where your partner lives with some fresh flowers and wine to celebrate together.

6) Detoxification Kit 

Detoxification Kit 

Often wondering that this is the time for you to join a gym or a yoga class. Well, these things will be more effective when you actually change your diet. Your detoxification kit will include fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, oats, etc. So while proposing you could actually hang the ring with a smoothie, or yogurt whatever your partner prefers

The point is that you are stepping into a new life together, and the very first step is to take care of yourself and your partner. Additionally, you could send Valentine’s flowers and their favorite smoothie to propose.

7) Wall Hanging Macramé Photo Hanger 

It’s one of the best things to have amazing memories. Memories in which you were fighting, memories of your first kiss, etc.  Now you have come to realize that you really want to spend your life with this person and so you are going to propose them, well kneeling down and proposing is quite old now.

All you have to do to propose is make some signs to lead your lover to the ring and hang it with another photo.

Also, you could hang a picture on the photo hanger of a couple proposing, that says “will you marry me”. And then lead your partner to the ring. Your proposal would be completed with an Online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city where your partner resides.