The Effects of Netflix On Students Nowadays

The Effects of Netflix On Students Nowadays


There are many harmful effects of Netflix on students. This blog throws some light on the harmful effects of addiction of Netflix and facts related to it. Some of the facts that one should be aware of before taking a Netflix subscription are that it is not only affecting the academic life of students but also their health in a very bad way. The students of each age group have an account on Netflix and the number of hours spent by them on Netflix is increasing at a high rate.

Still wondering how students suffer, once they get addicted to Netflix. Here are some of the effects students go through. Studies show that their normal functioning gets disturbed because of lack of sleep and their focus gets distracted from studies and other academic activities. This leads to depression, lack of appetite and fatigue and students are not able to cope up with their exams and assignments. Many students also suffer from obesity because of such factors.

Netflix’s harmful effects do not stop here and affects students in numerous other ways. It damages their confidence and their understanding of the difference between fiction and reality. It has also been observed that such students are less empathetic towards others and have poor self-esteem. It affects their mental health and they feel more incompetent. This also affects their grasping time and these students take more time to learn simple things as compared to students who are not addicted to Netflix.

Wrapping Up

I hope the blog will help you understand how Netflix affects students in a negative way. Unless the aforementioned issues related to the student using Netflix are brought into notice and addressed accordingly, using the online streaming platform will only guide youngsters in the wrong direction. There should always be a fine balance between entertainment and education. An overdose will always make things complicated for students in the long run.


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