How to Protect Kids Online Privacy with TheOneSpy Monitoring Software

How to Protect Kids Online Privacy with TheOneSpy Monitoring Software

The online privacy of younger children is as important as that of adults. Parents can play key role in ensuring kids’ online protection by safeguarding them from scoundrel in the digital world. The online world is open and possesses innumerable threats for immature users. To protect kids from digital threats, there are various parental controls and monitoring apps rightly available. TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable and feature-rich kids monitoring app that provides great support to parents in ensuring kids’ safety online and offline. This article discusses features of TheOneSpy that help to protect online safety of children.

Kids Monitoring Software – TheOneSpy (TOS)

TOS is particularly designed for parents to safeguard their children from the vulnerabilities of the digital world. It provides great support in protecting children from online bullying, child molestation, scams, self-harm activities and victimization. It keeps parents updated about their kids’ online and offline lives, so they could take needed steps before any misfortune incident happens.

How Monitoring App Works

The app is needed to be installed on the android smartphone used by your kid. After successful installation and activation, the app gets access to important data saved on the device. It includes chats, emails, call logs, photos, videos, voice recordings and stuff relevant to social media and instant messaging apps. The app uploads the data to the web portal of TOS from where parents can retrieve and evaluate it.

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Moreover, the app empowers parents to take control of certain features of the targeted cell phone. For example, it allows controlling camera and MIC of the smartphone to watch out surroundings. The spy app performs all functions without alerting your kids and generating any notification or sound on the target device. The app icon can be concealed during installation as it remains undetectable on the targeted phone.

How to Protect Kids Online Privacy with TOS

How to Protect Kids Online Privacy with TOS

To protect kids’ online privacy, you need to keep your eyes and ear open. TOS lets you know if someone tries to trap or harass your kid through social media or any other online source. It keeps you updated about online activities of your children, so you could ensure that no one breaches their online privacy.

Keep an Eye on What They Post Online

The cell phone spy app lets you know what your kids post on social media and other online platforms. It is important that your kids do not share their personal information and objectionable photos on the internet. This is because whatsoever is posted on the internet remains there in some form. For instance, if you’re teenage daughter has posted personal photos on Facebook or Instagram; those photos could be saved by anyone. That person can further distribute those photos even if your daughter deletes them from personal profile. Moreover, it is likely for a scoundrel to misuse your kid’s photos for creating a fake account to conduct illegal activities.

The kids monitoring software shows parents what their kids post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many other commonly used socializing platforms. In this way, parents can also see posts that are shared with specific people. As well as keeping a secret eye on your kid’s online activities, it is important that you educate them about what is safe to post on the internet and what is not.

Make the Internet Kid-Friendly

The internet contains heaps of information but, unfortunately, this is unfiltered. Your kids are likely to receive objectionable or age-inappropriate results for their searches on the internet browser. They are likely to visit scam websites putting their security and device into risk. The tracking solution lets you know how your kids use this powerful technology. It provides access to the internet browsing history of their phones, so you could know what websites are being visited by them. The software also helps to block their access to all objectionable, age-inappropriate and unwanted websites to let them surf the web safely.

Protect from Phishing & Scam Emails

Phishing emails are fake emails designed by hackers to infect the target device. These emails contain attachments or links opening of which can make the receiver lose control over the device. The hackers can steal important information saved on the targeted cell phone or computer device. These may be photos, videos, contacts or banking details. The tracking software lets you know if a phishing email lands in your kid’s email. You can aware them before they respond to that email and put their online privacy into danger.

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