What is Vector Marketing?

To comprehend the tale of Vector Marketing, you must first comprehend the tale of CUTCO. A joint venture between two firms (ALCOA and Case Cutlery) was formed in 1949 with the purpose of manufacturing the best houseware knife on the market. They were successful, and the first CUTCO knife was born, thanks to the expertise of Industrial Developer Thomas Lamb. CUTCO knives were distinguished by two features. For starters, it has Lamb’s custom-designed handle. Two, its knives are produced in the United States and come with a “lifetime warranty,” which means you can send it back at any time after purchasing and CUTCO will clean and sharpening it. Send it back if it’s broken, and they’ll replace it.

This is where the phrase “buy once, use every day, never replace” comes from. So CUTCO had a fantastic product, but they needed to figure out how to market it. Because it was so handy at the time, the encyclopedia direct marketing model was a famous manner of marketing things. You used to have a product expert come to your house so you could try it out before buying it, and the specialist would answer any of your burning questions about it. CUTCO embraced this direct sales technique and partnered with a number of small businesses to sell its products on their behalf. Among the others, one jumped out: Vector Marketing.

How does that work?

Certain salespeople may be asked to interview, train, or work entirely from home. All they’ll need is a smartphone and an internet access, as the job will need them to use (free) virtual tools and applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Facetime. Our virtual programmes have taken years of work, testing, and client feedback to perfect. A work-from-home (remote) representative gets paid the same as an in-person representative.

Vector Marketing is a scam?

Thousands of individuals throughout the world are asking this question these days. On numerous Internet forums, heated disputes rage about the validity of Vector Marketing and its stated methodologies. As the protagonists and villains of Vector Marketing engage in verbal combat, the reputations of two big corporations are on the line. As a result, the purpose of this essay is to clear the air on both sides of the fence and dispel any misconceptions that any stakeholders may have.

What is Cutco Cutlery Corporation:


Cooking Utensils Company is how Cutco got its name. Cutco is the largest maker of kitchen cutlery in the U.s. And Canada, having been founded in 1949. Its product line includes knives and spoons, shears, flatware, cookware, and recreational knives, as well as ordinary and specialty kitchen equipment. “Cutco’s plant and administration offices in Olean, New York, employ over 600 people. According to the firm’s site, “Cutco products are offered through in-home sales demos, at local events, Cutco retail stores, and internet.”

What are the tax implications for independent contractors?

Because taxes are not deducted from independent contractors’ monthly salary, they are responsible for submitting their taxes at the end of the year. Because an independent consultant functions similarly to a small company owner, they can deduct business costs during tax season. We urge representatives to save throughout the year so that they are willing to pay their taxes when tax season arrives. In addition, we educate salespeople on proper filing procedures. Here’s more information on how to file taxes with a 1099.

Are there any charges up front?

No, it’s not true. There are none. We’ll loan your youngster a Cutco sample set for free if he or she will be visiting with consumers in person. If they wish to purchase their equipment, they may do so at a significant discount. A sample set is not required for sales reps doing virtual presentations. They merely utilise a tablet or device to digitally take buyers through product alternatives.

What kinds of people do well in Vector Marketing?

What Is Vector Marketing Scam? /

At Vector, not everybody succeeds, and we don’t accept everyone. Somebody that can present effectively, has a positive attitude, is willing to learn, devoted, and has ambition and tenacity is the best candidate for this job. And just because your child is an introverted doesn’t imply they won’t be successful in this role. At Vector, the proper individuals may be trained to achieve great success. In fact, Adam Grant shown that “ambiverts,” or those who can work in both modes whether they swing one way or the other, are more successful at sales than extroverts.

How often does my child get paid?

Each Monday, reps turn in their orders and time tracking, which contain a list of their meetings. The following Monday, they are paid through bank transfer or paper cheque, which takes 2 days longer to reach.

What will my child be doing when he or she grows up?

Work varies depending on the day, but it commonly entails:

  • Making appointments with potential clients
  • Prospective customers are being shown the merchandise (virtually or in-person)
  • finishing timesheets and submitting order forms
  • With their local office assistant, they are evaluating their progress and getting feedback (either virtually, over the phone, video calls, or in-person)
  • Joining a virtual or in-person weekly team meeting is an option.

What are the advantages of this? Is my child a student?

What are the advantages of this? My kid is a student. Today, 50% of managers believe new graduates are ready for full-time employment, while 87 % believe they will be more than ready. That’s a significant discrepancy. Employers perceive the most room for growth in the area of “soft skills.” Soft skills are talents that may be used in a variety of sectors, and are hence referred to be “transferable.”

Working with Vector teaches students a variety of transferrable skills, including:

  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • “People” skills
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Positivity in the workplace

These abilities are essential for every professional in today’s environment, where professions that demand “presentation skills” spent an average of $8,853 more than positions that do not.

Facts v/s claims of Vector Marketing:

Clearly, neither Cutco Cutlery Company nor Vector Marketing are frauds or con artists, as evidenced by the foregoing facts. They are, in fact, two of America’s largest Multi Level Marketing (MLM) firms. Cutco products meet or exceed all American and international manufacturing and quality requirements. Cutco items are available online at major retailers across the world, including Amazon. It’s worth noting that Amazon won’t sell anything that doesn’t fulfil their stringent quality and standards regulations.

MLM with a twist:

While our sales agents are guaranteed to receive a base wage each time they display Cutco, they can earn extra through rewards from closing a deal. Furthermore, we pay on a weekly basis, so you’ll get paid for your efforts at the conclusion of each work week. Reps have a good chance of succeeding straight away, but success is not assured.

We are not a “get-rich-quick” organisation, and we are proud of our representatives for being hardworking and driven individuals. Persistence, diligence, and devotion are frequent characteristics among successful salespeople. Reps have the potential to advance their careers while still earning money.

Here we present the debate Vector Marketing a Scam or a Scheme?

Most job candidates at Vector Marketing were unaware it was an MLM organisation, according to posts on a forum on, a renowned employment marketplace. The majority of the allegations levelled against the corporation appear to be baseless. Such a Vector Marketing ruse severely harmed the brand value of a certain product.

  • Demonstration goods: All MLM firms across the world use demonstration products as a standard practice. Free samples are never given to direct marketers.
  • For sales, go door-to-door: Network marketing is not a door-to-door business. Instead, it’s through your friends and connections.
  • Cutco is a well-known brand with aggressive sales tactics. Cutco items are available from major e-retailers and shops. As a result, it’s exceedingly rare that a reputable firm would use college students to persuade people to buy.
  • Paying associates insufficiently: MLM businesses never pay their affiliates. They are only entitled to earnings, incentives, and incentives if sales are validated. Cutco and Vector Marketing, on the other hand, paid weekly allowances/ stipends to their sales team.
  • Many trainees may have sued Vector Marketing for the sole purpose of making a fast cash. Suing a corporation in the United States is rather simple, as any lawyer will tell you.
  • Jobs: This is another incorrect phrase employed by Vector Marketing to describe MLM affiliate offerings. The term “job” is regulated, making a corporation vulnerable to claims under US labour and employment regulations.

Vector Marketing was tried and convicted in class action lawsuits in California, New York, Florida, Illinois, and Michigan for violating labour laws. A court in the United States decided the issue under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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