Job-hopping or not is the ultimate question

Job-hopping or not is the ultimate question

One very conflicting question that comes in every employee’s life is whether to continue in the same workplace or switch jobs. There was a time when people were rewarded and considered to be respectful employees if they worked in the same place for 30 years or so. However as time has changed so have people’s wishes and desires. Now most of the youngsters believe in job-hopping.

The reason people believe in changing jobs frequently is because of various different factors such as higher salary, nice perks, more advantages and better quality work. Although many might say that staying in the same profession and getting promotion can be extremely fruitful.

However, research shows that people who quit jobs get higher raises than people who get promotion by staying in the same workplace.

 Also when you don’t change jobs and stay at the same place for about 8 years, you are considered to be stagnant and unprogressive.

Job-hopping or not is the ultimate question

One might ask himself, how long is too long to work in a specific company. To be honest there is no time limit for working in a particular company for getting success. There are examples of people who have stayed in the same company for 20 years and have still progressed a bit and there are people who have been in one company for just about 10 years and reached the top of success’ ladder and has been recruited immediately in the best company.

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Thus it is important to work in a company as long as you are achieving triumphs and building professional network. Your ultimate aim is to prove that you are capable of adapting in various situations and can show leadership, partnership and such other qualities.

Most of the recent hiring managers consider that the less time you spend in a particular job the faster you gather network and complete more and more new challenges that spring your way. However, if your jobs hardly last for a year then it will cause some serious troubles in your work culture.

When you have changed jobs quite often then the best way of putting it forward in good light is by telling the true and positive story behind it. Show how you have gained maximum experience and accomplishments in the past few jobs and how you have gradually developed in your own respective fields. Job-hopping can ultimately be a boon to your professional career.

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