Hopflow – Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Hopflow – Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Imagine a situation – You’re sitting by the window, sipping your favorite cup of coffee when you’re stuck by a brilliant idea for the story you’ve been working on, but failing repeatedly due to lack of constructive and effective lead. The next thing you do is jump out of your bed and share it either on Facebook or Twitter (Been there, done that).

But have you ever realized that not many people are interested or even moderately impressed by the idea you yourself are awestruck with? You tend to question your competency and judge your ability by the number of ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ you get. The problem here is not that your idea is uninteresting or very common, but it is that you’re not adequately associated with those people who hold a considerable amount of respect, passion and efficiency to understand, appreciate or criticize your area of expertise. To cut the story short, you need to hang around with like minded people to get the credibility you deserve.

Whether you are a budding writer, musician, photographer or a voracious book reader, here’s a good news for you all. With the help of Hopflow you can now discover new content, share ideas, explore and connect with people who love what you love the most! Hopflow, apart from being a dynamic and innovative platform, also, makes it easier for its users to choose from a wide selection of choices solely based on their field of interest either through mobile app or the web. You no longer have to post tweets or update your facebook only to get unnoticed by users. All you have to do is share your content online by signing up.

When you ‘like’ a hop , Hopflow finds out what you find interesting and automatically tailors only the relevant content that fits your parameter, thereby avoiding excessive ‘noise’ or uncalled traffic. It helps you connect better outside of your social circle with people who share the same interest (cooking, reading and other) by just clicking on ‘Rehop’. You can then comment, engage yourself in endless conversations and at the same time enhance your knowledge of the things that inspire you the most.

Hopflow - Share and discover content you’re passionate about

Having a number of followers is way too old school now because when using Hopflow, you do not have to worry about your follower count as it shares your content to every reader who’s a part of the Hopflow network. Founded by Erez Pilosof, a serial entrepreneur, Hopflow is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Start hopping in your ideas!


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