The Era of High-Tech Gadgets - Making Lives Easier

The Era of High-Tech Gadgets – Making Lives Easier

You got a smartphone, a laptop, a smartwatch and maybe an electric car now. Now let’s go 20 years back in time and ask yourself this question.

Hey! What if you can hold a device in your hand and use it to connect to the world?

You’d probably think that this dude is nuts and probably snorting something illegal because that’s some star trek level fiction and it won’t be your fault. If someone told you like 10 years ago that you can ditch fuel and charge your car like a phone, you’d be suspicious about it.

But guess what, it exists and it’s very cool.

We live in the era of technology and innovation, we got social media to connect anyone around the world from Japanese Chefs to academic ewriting services to some random person in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. We got gadgets making our life easier than ever like smartphones and smartwatches and electric toothbrushes.

Can you imagine your life without electric toothbrushes? They go buzz buzz and make your teeth shiny!

So let’s look back at the most useful inventions in the past few years that have changed our lives!

Entertainment Like Never Before

The entertainment industry has changed the most, going from soundless black and white movies to 3D and even virtual reality experiences. It was not a necessity before now in this era where thousands of people go through stress and depression, they need something to chill and relax.

Gaming Revolutionized

The first game was probably the pixelated pong, it was fun but was it fun as Red Dead Redemption 2? Well, a spoiler, no it wasn’t. Gaming is not just an entertainment or time-passing activity anymore. It has become a very useful tool for people to learn things and experience stories and develop their strategy and decision-making skills. AR and VR technologies are like the best things that have happened to any of us in a very long while. It gives us experience as we have never had before.

Music and Movies on Fingertips

Thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet you don’t have to go out to a DVD rental store and see if they have some good movies or not and then just picking up anything randomly anymore.

You have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube Red, and whatnot, you have access to an endless library of movies, TV shows, and web-series. You don’t have to sit through a boring movie that you bought just because you couldn’t find a good movie at the store.

The same goes for music, with services like Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube music where you can enjoy unlimited music anywhere you want, no need to carry discs or vinyl record or forgetting the disc anywhere anymore.

The Era of High-Tech Gadgets - Making Lives Easier

Communication Made Better

Just like the good old days, nobody uses pigeons to send letters to their loved ones or announces news by screaming out loud while riding a horse throughout the town. We got better options now!

Socializing Made Easier

Who would’ve thought that people could live inside their phones? Not technically inside it but everyone is living on the internet now. Which is pretty cool. You can share photos, videos and connect to your friends and family around the world as well as in the next room.

Social media has changed everything from marketing anything to finding anything online, you can sell your shoes online or find someone and ask them write my essay online, it’s crazy but it’s reality.

5G is the Cherry on Top!

The Internet went from being something extra to a daily-life need and it had to be improved. With the very recent innovation of 5G, the internet speed can go up to 10Gbps and it’s lightning-fast.

5G can help in a lot of development like interspace communication and speed up research processes and for us people, it can be used to eradicate all the hassle. With 5G we can have extremely high-quality video and audio calls with no interruptions.

Maybe we’d even get to see the hologram technology soon enough for public use as well now.

A Secure New World

From tracking to keeping your information safe, technology has advanced in ways none could’ve imagined. We are in control of our privacy online and offline as well with the use of certain technological advancements.

Just Like the Movies!

A lot of us watched and were amazed by spy movies and the cool gadgets they used. We wished we could have them and now we actually have the real ones in our pockets.

Fingerprint scanners were ought to be huge and used for extra secure stuff but now we have them in our pockets and the same goes for the facial recognition technology.

Keeping Track of It All!

Don’t know where you’re going? There GPS for it.

Want to know where is your dog? You have tracking collar for it

You can keep track of anything, your time, your blood sugar level and anything that is measurable. You can keep all your information safe whether its pictures or text documents by using heavily encrypted software. There are Wi-Fi cameras with night vision that you can monitor from anywhere anytime and look back at your home or your room.

We have come so far from the old days and have minimized the travel that used to take weeks into mere hours, we can’t think of anything impossible in this time, we have gone beyond limits and we will be progressing and thriving forever!

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