Are you living with errors in the registration of wireless digital TV tuner systems on your Windows PC or laptops? And if you find that it’s slowing down your PC. So this mistake is most probable. You will quickly detect this problem if you run some security cleaner or open the Windows task manager. If you are continually faced with this application for system registration, then you have come to the right location. 3 validated approaches have been explained here in this article. You will promptly uninstall the wireless Digital TV tuner device registration APPLICATION with these updates.

What The Digital TV Tuner Device Registration App Is:


Basically, a feature of the windows media player is the digital TV tuner application. This software makes it possible for your PC to receive a digital signal and view it. It allows us on our devices to watch streaming cable channels. If you’d like to know if a wireless TV tuner unit is available on your unit, just look at the device name. If it is written on an integrated digital tuner, digital tuner, or digital receiver, then there is a TV tuner in your device.

Why is it important to this application turn off:

The ehprivjob.exe mechanism is often referred to as the digital TV tuner. It’s a non-system operation originating from installed applications in your system. If you run any programme that has been installed, it saves the data in the device register. If these applications generate invalid entries on the device, so the output of the PC becomes sluggish. In other words, the digital TV Tuner System registration programme process also runs while you run the Windows Media Center. This is an auto-start system. To check if a TV tuner app has been found on your PC, you can open the Task Manager and see it through your eyes.

This method is not Processor intensive in most situations. But there are certain times where PC performance is actually slowed down by this registration application.

How to patch digital TV tuner application:

Here are 3 options that are given. If you have a laptop TV tuner or a PC TV tuner, you can easily repair digital TV tuner devices with these fast repairs.

Switch it off using Windows Features Built:


The first effort you would like to make is to turn off the functionality of Screens. There are some measures included in this method:

  • To open the Control Panel, press the Windows Key. You can also press the Start button and then access the Control Panel button.
  • Alternatively, from the Run dialogue box, you can open the control panel as well. To do so, press the Windows + R key at the same time. Type appwiz.cpl then, and then press OK.
  • When the Windows Control Panel opens, check and click on Programs and Functions.
  • Click the Windows Switch on or off feature option.
  • To extend it, scroll down to check for Media Functionality, then press on the + symbol.
  • Look for both the Windows Media Centre, then uncheck the box next to this one right away.
  • To apply the alterations, press OK.
  • Afterwards, restart your machine.

Avoid This Error Using Resource Monitor:


If it didn’t really work for you with the first process, then try this patch. You can stopping any process especially digital TV tuners from running on your machine. Simply obey these steps:

  • To open the Task Manager, click and hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Put it another way, you should hit the Windows + R key in the Run dialogue. Type Resmon, and then click Enter.
  • Throughout the Task Manager, press the Output tab, and then select the Open Resource Monitor at the right.
  • What you ought to do is take a look at the parts on the CPU , memory and disc.
  • Check for the ehprivjob.exe form in these parts and avoid it.
  • Easily right-click on it until you see it, then select End Method.
  • If you think they’re eating your memories, you can also interrupt other processes here.

Uninstall Application for Digital TV Tuner Registration:

If you didn’t get all of the above fixes, then you just got one way. You have to delete the TV tuner from your PC. The Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Program issue will go away for good in this manner. You can uninstall any registry entries on your machine with this patch, too.

  • Open a panel of controls.
  • Within the control panel, press on Programs and Features.
  • Look for your wireless TV tuner on the list of programmes installed and click it.
  • Click Uninstall on the upper part of the pane.
  • Only obey the uninstallation wizard and wait for the end of the operation.
  • Go over to the Registry Editor after that by keeping down the Windows key + R then. Then, in the Run dialogue box , select Regedit.
  • Navigate to this address in the Registry Editor window and search for the folder housing your wireless TV tuner, then uninstall it.
  • Travel to this address and erase all HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\eg ui entries after that.
  • Restart your PC until you are finished.

Hybrid Q TV Tuner AVerMedia AverTV:

For homes and portable pcs, AverMedia seems to have plenty of digital multimedia items available. The AVerMedia AverTV Hybrid Q TV Tuner takes all of the features you can imagine and introduces a whole lot more.

Hybrid Q TV Tuner AVerMedia AverTV


This tuner not only receives both ATSC and QAM reception, but you will receive old analogue channels as well! This is one of the few choices for enjoying live TV on the screen if you are in an environment where they already transmit regular over the air tv. You would also be able to receive analogue input from your old VCR, DVD player, or home video camera using an adapter. This will give you the option of digitising these keepsakes so that you will have them forever.


For the AverTV hybrid Q receiver, you have two choices. You can use the MediaCenter3D DVR programme, which is included, or you can use Windows Media Centre. Both work fine. Any Windows Media Center functionality is supported. You can schedule videos, display subtitles or closed captions, and pause, play, rewind, and archive with any basic DVR feature.

What does digital converter box:

A DigitalTV converter box is a tuner that transforms a signal from digital to analogue so that an analogue TV set can be used for a digital television (DTV) broadcast. HDTVs do not need converter boxes, so you may as well get an update if your package is so old that it requires one.

Do you want a digital TV converter box?


You need an optical converter box, also called an ATSC tuner, if you miss your television signal when TV stations are converted to an all-digital format. You need to attach it to your current television and antenna until you have the box.


You will not use your PC as a TV without this software. This tiny hardware cum app helps to collect cable signals from your PC and view images afterwards. Sometimes, however, by slowing down the PC, the Optical Tuner System error becomes irritating. That is where the wireless Digital TV tuner unit can be repaired quickly. You will be supported a lot by the approaches explained in this article.

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