Best Types of Dates you must try in Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia is known for a lot of things. Its ages old culture, tradition and hospitality. Also then there are the vast sand deserts, oases and now, tall skyscrapers. A lot has changes over the years, but the popularity of its most common fruit, Dates, has been the same. Or so to say, it has increased over the years.
  • People have started to buy Dates online from Saudi since they found out their health benefits. A lot of professionals, health care personnel and your local dietician would recommend you to add Dates into your diet. Science has shown promising improvements in the busy lifestyle people live today by adding just a few Dates everyday.
  • Some of the best types of Dates you must try in Saudi Arabia are Ajwa Dates, Mejdool Dates, Sukkari Dates, Sagai Dates, Mamool Dates among others. These Date varieties generate in various regions in and around Arabia. Every region lends their Dates a unique characteristic.
  • You can select your favorite type of Dates based on the the vitamin and mineral content, sweetness, fibre content and the texture of the Dates. There are an overwhelming number of options you can try and you can get your hands on high quality Dates coming straight from Saudi Arabia.
  • On top of that, you can also have Dates that are covered in fine milk, dark or white chocolate. This treat is as delicious as it sounds. The best of both worlds combined into one confection. Then there are Dates infused with high quality exotic dried fruits and berries. These also come in special packaging that are excellent gifting solutions.
  • You can also buy Dates online from Saudi that are combined with exotic spices like Saffron cardamom and even layered with honey. There are always more exclusive options of Dates you can have. These are truly luscious treats and are ideal for regular consumption or for special occasions.
  • There are a lot of companies in Saudi Arabia that now offer a wide variety of Dates. You can enjoy the authentic flavor of Arabia with these Dates that comes in several forms and flavors. The vivid flavor options available is what attract a lot of people towards Dates, along with the obvious health improvements that they bring along.
  • Ajwa Dates are probably one of the most popular Dates from Saudi Arabia. They have a very rich color and can fit into any kind of lifestyle. Thanks to the insane amount of minerals they pack, they are the perfect combination of taste and health. You can see the changes in your lifestyle immediately after adopting them in your diet.
  • Mejdool Dates are another great variety of Dates that are available out there. These are known for their intense burst of flavor for those who enjoy a strong palette. It has a fruity finish to it which adds to the experience along with the added benefits of Dates.
  • Coming from the Arabian Peninsular regions are Sagai Dates, which are a very uunique type of Dates. They are especially renowned for their texture, which is a combination of crunchy and soft. Also, their color is impeccable with a shade of golden surrounding the base.
  • For those who have a sweeter tooth than others, Sukkari Dates are the perfect choice from them. Their natural sweetness is higher than any other Date variety out there. It is also the perfect addition to lifestyle of people with blood sugar or insulin related problems. These are the perfect substitute to artificial sweeteners.
  • Mamool Dates are an interesting combination of Dates and Biscuits. The Biscuit covering is made from various flours that impart a peculiar taste to it. It is a very healthy choice for people who wish to consume Dates with an additional element or in the form of snacks at tea time.
  • Chocolate covered Dates are also very popular among people. You can have Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and White chocolate covered Dates, based on which is your favorite kind of chocolate. This is again a very special combination that has the goodness of Dates and the impeccable flavor of chocolates.
  • Dates with dried fruits and berries are also available these days. They are infused in a very amazing combination that takes your Date consumption experience to a whole new level. What’s better is you get the goodness of both, Dates as well as Dried Fruits in one confection.

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