10 innovative inventions you never heard of

10 innovative inventions you never heard of

Previously no one could imagine that mechanized motors could replace horses in the carriages but motorcars were indeed born and now we cannot imagine life without them. A boy staying in India can hear his friend’s voice, who resides in America. Who could have thought that a simple thin wire can transfer voices across the globe? Telephonic conversations changed our lives. Such inventions have been so necessary that one cannot imagine the times before these products.

Ideas that are put down on paper, submitted to get a patent to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) finally get converted into successful inventions that can be commercially applied. But there are hundreds of thousands of applicants that get turned down due to their impracticalities. The following are ten innovative ideas that widen our thought process yet seem difficult to be practically implemented.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofAn Arizona State University researcher under a US DARPA grant is working upon a military helmet that has the capability of controlling the soldier’s minds. It is based on the technology of transcranial pulsed ultrasound. Using a remote controller the soldier can utilize ultrasound waves to stimulate various parts of the brain. This could be used in eliminating pain and exhaustion during critical times by simply giving commands to the brain.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofThree Chinese inventors have produced a device namely P&P Office Waste Paper Processor that can convert waste papers into useful pencils. Innovative, right? This is another addition to the methods of recycling stuff and getting something useful out of them. The job of the machine is rolling and compressing waste paper onto lead using glue. The advantage is the companies with this machine can get loads of free pencils. The disadvantage is with the advent of tablets and laptops, pencils are rarely used in offices.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofA Japanese company, Sanwa Netec, has invented a printer that can do paperless, tonerless printing. The sheets of paper are embedded with leuco dyes that get transparent when hot and opaque when cool. Thus an average sheet can be reused about 1000 times. The only problem is the printer is not at all cost-effective being priced at above $6000.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofThe US Military services have taken Lockheed Martin’s Samarai micro-drone extremely seriously and are developing it. It weighs 5.29 ounces and has 12-inch wingspan. Its miniature jet engine provides the entire thrust and makes it a deadly weapon to be used in the combat field.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofMercedes-Benz has designed a new eco-friendly car called BIOME. It is made of a material named BioFibre which reduces the car’s weight to a mere 876 pounds. Its specialty is that it can be grown in a nursery’s organic surroundings from a tiny seed. While running it would emit oxygen to the surroundings and can be ultimately bio-composted. It is an assembled car where sep http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/01/bodyguard-stun-glove-leaps-out-ofarate seeds need to be grown for the interior, exterior and the four wheels.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofThe Armstar Bodyguard 9XI-HD01 is a multipurpose shield that can be used by future bodyguards and law-enforcers. It has a flexible arm that is encased with a rechargeable lithium battery that gives power to an electric deterrent device. If the person pulls the pin anyone trying to touch his hand will get an electric shock. It has also has an LED flashlight, HD camera and a slot to charge iPhones. The only drawback is its high cost.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofRecently a Connecticut inventor has got his idea of a bat-suit patented. His is a dynamic human powered flying suit that contains a strap-on bat wings. To fly like a bat the person wearing the suit needs to jump from a higher point in the flying position headed downwards. Hopefully, it works.

10-innovative-inventions-you-never-heard-ofThis invention is for all the cat lovers out there. A New York inventor has come up with the idea of a portable cat amusement park. It has many components that will keep your cat busy and occupied for quite some time. It contains a scratching post, a tunnel to crawl through, a hanging toy that can be chewed, and a tube with a fan that blows colored spheres through a mesh tube.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofNow your James Bond desires will come true. A company is offering its customers an amazing product electronic license plate flipper. Priced at $79, it rotates by 90 degree to display another plate with a message. For a cost of $74.99 the plate flipper is available for motorcycles. Although this seems to be a plausible discovery, such license plates cannot be used on the roads because it is illegal.

10 innovative inventions you never heard ofTired of pests and rodents at home? Jimmy Loizeau and James Auger have come up with ideas of robots that will eat pests and use that waste to fuel them. There are different types of automaton ideas such as mousetrap coffee table robot, lampshade robot, cobweb robot, etc.

Inventions are a necessity in life. Without them, society will be stagnant and there will be no scope of progress. The above inventions, although too futuristic for their time teaches us to come up with amazing and innovative ideas.

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