TOP 10 best wireless speakers of 2020

TOP 10 best wireless speakers of 2020

Many people prefer to relax in comfort in nature, including listening to their favorite music. The speakers of phones for this are not suitable, as their volume is often not enough for the full perception of sound. Manufacturers of modern digital technology have decided to meet the needs of consumers and have developed portable speakers.

Today, on the shelves of shops, you can find a lot of similar products: the devices differ from each other in overall dimensions, sound quality, cost, and various additional features. Getting confused about such a variety is quite simple. To make it easier for you to choose, we decided to make a rating of the best wireless speakers in 2020. Here we will analyze in detail the characteristics of each model, as well as give some useful tips regarding the acquisition of such a gadget.

How to correctly choose a Bluetooth speaker?

Naturally, the first thing buyers pay attention to is the maximum power of the speakers. If you want to increase the volume of music on your smartphone or synchronize the device with a laptop or personal computer, then products with medium power will be quite suitable. In the room, the sound will be reflected from the walls, which ensures excellent clarity of playback. If you plan to take the column with you to nature, then it is advisable to give preference to more robust products.

The overall dimensions of the device are also taken into account – the smaller it is, the easier it is to make it with you even on long trips. It must be remembered that the size of the product does not affect the sound quality at all. Another critical point is the material from which the body is made. If the column is plastic, then it is unlikely to last for a long time, especially since this material is susceptible to physical influences. It is better to give preference to products with a metal casing made, for example, of aluminum alloy.

It’s convenient when the column is equipped with a display – it will be much easier to use it, but there is also a pitfall: the battery of the device with the display discharges much faster. Many manufacturers additionally decorate their products with backlighting, which performs the function of light music. There are speakers with subwoofers that can significantly enhance the bass line. You should immediately see how the speaker is connected to the sound source – for this, various connectors or wireless modules such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC can be used. Some products have memory card slots. This is also quite convenient since the column does not have to be connected to another source at all.

It is essential to check the battery capacity – it must be at least 2200 mAh. In this case, the gadget can work offline for up to 5-6 hours, if you listen to music at an average volume level. When switching to the maximum operating time is reduced. There are speakers equipped with the Powerbank function, which allows you to charge smartphones or tablets from them. Typically, this feature is present in models with a powerful battery.

When choosing products to include in our review of the best wireless speakers, we were mainly guided by all the factors discussed above. However, some other points were also taken into account – the ratio of price and quality of products and user reviews. We tried to include in the article, not the most expensive products so that each of our readers could afford to purchase their favorite device.

10 best wireless speaker models

10. Sony SRS-XB10

The most compact model in the Extra Bassline. Even though the speaker was released about two years ago, it continues to be in demand among customers due to its excellent sound quality and a very extensive battery that allows the device to work without interruption at medium volume for 16 hours. Wirelessly, you can connect two devices at once. The main working element here is a monophonic speaker with a diameter of 46 mm. The design is a cylinder made in an unusual Japanese style. Most of the case is covered with a rubberized compound, on which fingerprints are not visible. The speaker is covered with a solid metal mesh. The control buttons are located around the perimeter of the device. They are physical, hidden under a rubber cover, pressed quickly, with a unique click. You can check the sound by playing Movies on the famous website Putlocker

The model is equipped with moisture protection according to the international IPX5 standard, so you can not be afraid if it suddenly gets in the rain. It can even be washed under running water if it suddenly gets dirty. Connecting to a sound source is via Bluetooth and NFC. Low frequencies are well audible, which is quite rare in such compact products. The high and middle parts of the range are also quite adequately spelled out. The volume is sufficient for outdoor use.


  • Good moisture protection;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • High battery capacity;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Durability.


  • If the speaker is not directed towards the listener, then the sound becomes muffled.

9. Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Fairly bright products equipped with a built-in subwoofer. The case is entirely made of aluminum alloy. The entire front face is given to the dynamics, which is closed by a metal plate with holes. On the right side are the device control buttons, and on the left are all the connectors – a memory card slot, AUX output, a microphone, and a micro USB connector. There are anti-slip rubber feet on the underside. The speaker is easily connected to a third-party device via Bluetooth 4.0. The synchronization of gadgets will tell a characteristic sound. The method can work with tablets or smartphones running on iOS or Android platforms. It sounds pretty loud, the clarity of the music is excellent. The maximum volume makes it easy to listen to your favorite tracks in the open. You can control the speaker from a smartphone.

The Bluetooth module is very powerful – the connection range in a public area is 5 meters. The microphone speakers can be used for hands-free calling. The battery power is not too high: it will last only 4 hours of continuous listening at maximum volume. The built-in subwoofer provides deep bass. Sound can be played in stereo. Overall dimensions of the products168x58x25 mm with a mass of only 270 g.


  • Good functionality;
  • Powerful Bluetooth module;
  • Superb sound
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • There are all the necessary connectors;
  • Convenient to use.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Low battery capacity
  • Cable for charging the battery is not provided.

8. JBL Go 2

The device was released back in March 2018 – it was originally developed as a fairly budget device with wide functional capabilities. The design is equipped with a waterproof case, differs in compact overall dimensions and a decent volume level. The gadget is streamlined and weighs only 184 grams, comes in 12 color options. The case is made of high-quality plastic with a rubberized coating. Moisture protection complies with IPX7, which allows you to immerse the column in water to a depth of one meter and hold there for half an hour. The main micro USB and AUX connectors are hidden under a special rubber plug that prevents moisture from entering. There is a metal mesh on the front panel, and the speaker itself is hidden behind it. An LED is installed here, with which you can find out whether the speaker is connected to the smartphone or not. Its brightness is average, so it can be difficult to see the LED on the street.

All controls are located on top. A built-in microphone is provided, the kit includes a cable for charging the gadget. The products are based on the Bluetooth 4.1 module. The speaker is based on a driver with a diameter of 40 mm, the rated power of the speaker is 3.1 W, it works in the frequency range from 180 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Because of this, most of the low frequencies disappear. Column battery capacity 730 mAh. The sound is quite loud, everything is heard well in a room of 30 square meters. m, on the street you can also hear music. The product can work at maximum volume over 5 hours. If the column is not used for 15 minutes, then it automatically turns off. Charges for 2.5 hours.


  • Waterproof case;
  • The speaker is small but powerful enough;
  • The microphone transmits sound clearly, there is no echo effect, there is a noise reduction system;
  • The battery charges quickly;
  • Many color options.
  • Disadvantages:
  • The bass is not very audible;
  • Low battery capacity.

7. JBL Flip 4

The speaker is equipped with two speakers with a diameter of 40 mm each, which together give a sound power of 16 watts. In its production, technology was used to reproduce the low frequencies of the Bass Radiator, due to which the bass is deep and clear. All controls are located on the back, so for the convenience of switching tracks and adjusting the volume, it is best to put the column in a vertical position. There is a battery full indicator that constantly works when the speaker is on. The design is equipped with a high-capacity battery – 3000 mAh. The battery can provide continuous operation of the gadget for 12 hours at a volume level above the average. There is a Powerbank function. The battery is fully charged via the USB cable for three hours.

The products are protected against water according to the IPX7 standard. The mass of the device is greater in comparison with the models already considered – it is almost 0.5 kg. The sound volume is good. The sound is very clear. Regardless of the listening position, music is heard clearly. Even at maximum volume, the speakers do not begin to wheeze, and all frequencies are reproduced perfectly. You can pair up to one hundred speakers at the same time, which allows even in nature to create a complete stereo system. For more comfortable column management, there is a special application with which you can find the desired track with a voice command, update the firmware, and so on.


  • There is a microphone with active noise and echo cancellation system;
  • Large control keys;
  • It is always known what battery level;
  • The decent sound quality that does not fall even at maximum volume;
  • There is a mobile application.


  • Pretty standard appearance;
  • Relatively heavy model.

6. Sony SRS-XB41

The speaker can provide a truly rich sound, without losing a single nuance of a piece of music. She has a Live Sound mode: if it is active, then the full effect of being in a concert hall or at an open-air rock festival occurs. Naturally, Extra Bass technology was involved in these products. The model is quite compact: it is easy to carry and comfortable to hold. If necessary, the column can be synchronized with several gadgets at once via Bluetooth. Manufacturers decided to completely abandon plastic and metal, so the case here is covered with high-quality fabric that is resistant to abrasion. The control buttons are under a solid rubber shell, however, finding them is quite simple.

In the external design of the model, there is an original highlight – an LED strip has been added, which highlights the speakers and strobe lights. In the dusk or the dark, the device looks just great. The speaker is well protected against water splashes according to the IP67 standard, so you can not be afraid to get in the rain with it. The model is equipped with a pair of speakers with a diameter of 58 mm each, due to which the total speaker power has increased to 62 watts. The volume margin is pretty decent – enough even for a noisy party with a large number of guests. The entire frequency range is well audible. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is 12,000 mAh, which provides up to 24 hours of listening, the Powerbank function is provided.


  • The battery lasts for a long time;
  • Unrealistically clear sound;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • It is convenient to control both through a smartphone and buttons on the case;
  • High power.


  1. Pretty expensive model;
  2. Dust accumulates on the rubber coating of the buttons.

5. JBL Charge 4

The latest generation speaker in the Charge range. Product dimensions are 22×9.5×9.3 cm – a fairly large model. The product is covered with a special acoustic fabric that provides a deeper sound. Large passive emitters installed. The device is available in nine color options. The column has a whole set of ports for ease of use in everyday life. A USB-C socket is provided for charging, which increases the comfort of connection. The control buttons remained unchanged compared to the previous model. All connectors are rated IPX7. A rather capacious lithium-ion battery is also installed here – 7500 mAh. The total operating time of the device can reach 20 hours at medium volume. The battery charges for a long time – about 5-6 hours, there is Powerbank.

The model is equipped with only one speaker, but it is quite large, works in conjunction with a subwoofer. The speaker can even be used as a speaker, and not just during telephone conversations. Connection to other devices is very simple, the connection is stable.


  • The case is covered with a special acoustic fabric;
  • Many color options;
  • High quality and clarity of the bass range;
  • Long battery life;
  • Instantly connects to other gadgets.


  • The battery charges for quite some time;
  • Sounds are focused primarily on low frequencies.

4. GZ electronics LoftSound GZ-55

Another product placed in a fabric-covered case. On the front side of the column are two speakers with a diameter of 40 mm each. In total, they are capable of delivering 10 watts of power. The connectors are placed on a special metal die for more convenient use. Under the fabric is an LED type indicator. There are only two sockets for connecting – 3.5 mm for headphones and micro USB for battery charging. The underside is made of dense rubber, which provides the tightest contact with the surface. The control buttons are also hidden under a layer of fabric, their progress is confident, the click is loud and noticeable. The Bluetooth module is activated when you turn on the speaker, connecting to external gadgets is fast enough.

The speaker can also be used in speakerphone mode, but it is most convenient to do this in a quiet room and at low volume. Particular emphasis in this column is placed on high frequencies, therefore reproduced compositions are obtained more clear and detailed, but at a high volume such frequencies can begin to cut the ear. The bass range is quite acceptable, the lines are spelled out qualitatively, they sound clear. The maximum volume is significant – the column can be used not only to listen to music but also to watch movies. The capabilities of its battery are sufficient for battery life for more than 8 hours.


  1. Acceptable overall dimensions and weight;
  2. High build quality;
  3. For its size produces a very decent sound;
  4. The optimal ratio of price and product quality.


  • Too much emphasis is placed on high frequencies.

3. Marshall Kilburn II

The sound quality is in no way inferior to stationary speakers. The case of the model is made of quality wood. The design is carefully thought out, so the sound spreads immediately in all directions. The operating frequency range is from 52 to 20,000 Hz. The system has a digital amplifier belonging to the class D, also still has a built-in subwoofer. On the top panel of the device are analog controllers. With their help, you can change not only the volume but also the bass, other frequencies, therefore, if necessary, the user can adjust the sound transmission exclusively per his tastes, adjust the sound depending on the genre of music. Optionally, you can also select the optimal parameters for each composition.

The data transfer here is made by the Bluetooth module, which works with the support of the widespread aptX codec. As a result, a signal of rather high quality is obtained, which will be broadcast at a frequency of about 352 Kbps. At the same time, the column can work with several devices. The products are based on a lithium-ion battery, which charges for 2.5 hours, but ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment for about 20 hours. For ease of carrying, the column is equipped with a belt. The gadget is quite large and heavy – its weight is 3 kg, it is unlikely to be able to carry it with you all the time, but it will be very useful when traveling by car.


  • Quickly connects to smartphones;
  • Superior build quality
  • The sound spreads in all directions – there are no dead zones;
  • If necessary, you can replace the battery;
  • Works simultaneously with multiple devices;
  • The attractive appearance of the device.


  • It weighs a lot.

2. Harman / Kardon Go + Play Mini

Outwardly, it resembles a handbag, but this did not affect the sound quality. The speakers are hidden behind the matter, which outwardly resembles a metal grill. For stability, there are rubber legs. Product dimensions are as follows – 418x182x212 mm, weight is 3.4 kg. As you can see, this is also not a very light device. Near the handle is a rubberized multi-function button that is responsible for turning on the speaker, synchronizing with another gadget, starting or stopping listening. On the backside are all the connectors. They are protected by a rubber stopper. A charging cable is supplied with the device. The developers added the original HARMAN Truestream function to this column – its task is to automatically select a separate codec for a track, depending on the genre of the composition, the quality of its recording, and so on. Due to this approach, rich sound is provided.

The model is equipped with four speakers at once – two for low and two for high frequencies, their total power is 50 W, which is an excellent indicator for wireless speakers. The sound is clear regardless of the volume level. The frequency range is in the range of 50 to 20,000 Hz. A lithium-ion battery allows you to enjoy music for 8 hours. If another gadget is connected to the device, then the battery life is reduced to 6 hours.


  • The sound quality is pleasantly surprising;
  • The entire frequency range is well spelled out;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Universal design;
  • The buttons are quite tight, they respond with a characteristic click;
  • When watching a video, there is no synchronization of the picture and sound.


  1. The sound of turning off the speaker is superfluous;
  2. Heavy device.

1. Portable speakers Tronsmart Element T6 Plus

We hasten to introduce you to the leader of our review of the best portable speakers – the latest model from the well-known company Tronsmart. The device has become even more convenient and powerful compared to the products of the previous generation. It received IPX6 water protection. First of all, the developers focused on the street use of the gadget. In this regard, it was tuned precisely so that it sounded powerful and surround in the open. The product is equipped with an equalizer with several preset settings, allowing you to get either standard sound, or add extra bass or make the bass frequencies truly surround. The device is made in the form of a barrel, a bit larger when compared with the previous version of the column. It is designed for horizontal installation. The speakers are on one side.

The case is plastic, additionally has a soft-touch coating. The speakers are located behind a metal mesh trimmed with a cloth on the outside that is resistant to wear and repels moisture. The buttons are pressed with little effort due to the rubber lining. Here you can also find an LED that shows in which mode the composition is played.


  1. Very loud and clear sound with well-marked low frequencies;
  2. The battery at maximum volume can last about 5 hours;
  3. Universal appearance;
  4. Provides playback from a flash drive;
  5. You can synchronize two columns with each other;
  6. Several playback modes.


  • It does not fit into a cup holder of a car or a bike stand;
  • Relatively high cost;
  • The volume rocker does not always work correctly.

Our review of the best wireless speakers has ended. Before saying goodbye, I would like to express the hope that you could choose the best device for yourself among the presented models. If you still have some questions, then you can always ask them us in the comments to this article. In the shortest possible time, we will clarify incomprehensible moments.

Author: DailyNewsScoop

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