Expert tips to practice and develop a strategy to solve logical reasoning questions 

Expert tips to practice and develop a strategy to solve logical reasoning questions 

Logical reasoning is one of the biggest constraints of a government job exam. Most of the sections can be answered if you remember the right options. In this section, one has to be very vigilant while solving the questions. Proper reasoning and mathematical explanation are required to solve such questions. The difficulty level of logical reasoning questions is determined by the level of the government posts. For instance, the recruitment of UPPSC Assistant Engineer jobs will have a higher level of logical reasoning questions.

The same you will find in the RRB Office Assistant recruitment exam papers. The logical reasoning section is a mandatory part to solve and clear the cut-off. Over the years, the question patterns have evolved to choose the right candidates for the job. As the competition has increased manifold, the question papers have become stricter. This is why you need expert tips to become more efficient in solving logical reasoning questions.

Tips to solve logical reasoning questions

  • Check the weight of the section

 As mentioned earlier, every recruitment exam has a different pattern. Check that pattern and find out the number of questions allotted. Find out the cut off for logical reasoning. This will help you set the parameter for your practice. Time is the prime constraint for all these exams. Within a short span, you will have to answer most of the questions. Hence, measuring the marks in that section is the first step.

  • Different types of topics

There are different types of topics included in the logical reasoning section. Questions related to blood relations, seating arrangement, direction, etc. Every topic needs a different kind of solution technique. The approach has to be very specific and strategic. Every successful aspirant finds out his/her own technique to solve the questions based on the basic approaches explained in books and tutorials. It is all about efficiency and speed.

The questions will be puzzling and time-consuming. The efficiency of an aspirant is checked in this way. In a stressed condition, these questions deliver the right platform to judge the candidates’ ability to think logically. The difficulty level is also set based on the critical thinking level required for the job.

  • Noting down the important points

Consider the logical reasoning questions as puzzles. Every puzzle has a set of clues. These questions are quite elaborate too. When you are reading them for the first time, make sure you write down the information available. Writing down the information will help you focus on the questions and you will not have to read it again.

The best way to approach the questions is to find 2 to 3 possible solutions and keep excluding them as you proceed. In this way, you will find one right answer to choose from the options. Another hurdle to solving logical reasoning MCQs is closely related options. A small slip in your approach can give you the wrong answer. In fact, the options are also chosen this way. The most common wrong answers are included in the options.

  • Avoid wasting time

Avoid wasting time on a particular question. Proceed and check one question after the other. It increases the chance of encountering questions that are familiar and easier for you to solve. Time is quite restricted to solve such questions. You need to utilize every second niftily.

  • Practice

The only way to sharpen your logical reasoning skill is through practice. This is the only way to get accustomed to the different patterns of questions. You will also get a platform to build your strategy or approach for every set. Your strategy will fit your profile and will develop based on your skills. Hence, don’t try to blindly follow someone else’s strategy. Learn from others and morph them as per your compatibility.


Take on the most challenging part of the government recruitment exam in a strategic way. No war has been won without a strategy. 

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