Android is the world’s best Smartphone operating system with billions of users around the globe. Android supports various features and applications in the play store from Google. Android provides you Option choose the Default apps in the Smartphone. Android phone has the home launcher with a default browser in the settings. You can change with Directory on the android phone with Content://Com.Android.Browser.Home.

You need to know the few things in the play store application and a web browser to change the settings on the android phone. On the internet, we have a greater number of applications capable of running the desktop. You want to run the same Browser in the Smartphone with features in it. You can download and install the application from the play store. You need to change the default web browser in the settings and replace the favourite application in the default application.

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What is Content://Com.Android.Browser.Home?

You need to know the android has the default web browser in the Phone. When clicking on the link, you will get the Error in the default browser and brings the Error in the page loading. When clicking on the link on other web browsers, you will load the page without any error. Here are simple steps to mobile devices in the android to change browser settings.

  1. Open the lock screen of the android phone.
  2. Open the Default settings in the Android web browser application to change the settings in the Menu.
  3. Click on the Menu or settings and scroll down till you see the Android Browser Settings in the Option. Please click on it.
  4. Open the Android phone settings and Go to General.
  5. Here you can set the Home Page
  6. Enter the URL in the Default Page and change the Option.


          7. If you don’t find the default browser settings in the settings. You can make the page to your bookmarks.                  8. You can set the bookmark as the Homepage in the Phone.

In the Browser, you will change the default browser to secure the emails, browsing data, and social media data in the Phone. You need to protect the Phone with a third-party application. It would help if you chose the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the default web browser.


To make change the default Android web browser to utilize the in-built web browsing application. You need to have more features and with rich options available in the Google Play store. You should have the majority of them are liberated with cost gadgets in a single click.

User has their favourite web browser based on their personal interest. Play store web browser like Firefox and opera with effective features and more benefits in it. It would be best if you had the good choice of interest in the Smartphone.

You can access the web browser with web history, warnings, notifications, and preferences in the Bookmarks and saved passwords in the Smartphone. You can make Firefox as your default application on the Smartphone. You can custom make Homepage much quickly in the Smartphone.

  • You can download and install the APK file from the official link or Play store and make it as a default application in the Phone.
  • Unlock the Lock Screen on the Smartphone. Open the settings in the Phone.
  • Please scroll down below in the settings discover something like apps, notifications, and warnings in it. Open the application and notification in the Phone.
  • Change the Default Application and search for the Browser in the Menu. Click on the Tap to change in the Phone.


  • Change the Firefox or web browser that you want in the settings.

You need to connect with WIFI or Mobile Data in the Phone and frequently manage error message. Without the Https or non-secure browser can experience divert sign-in page automatically.


In the Android Smartphone, you can download and install the web browser from the play store or official web site to get more experience the features in the Phone. You can see the lack of Highlights from the Play store application in the web browser.

You can see the CHROME, OPERA, SAFARI, INTERNET EXPLORER, AND MOZILLA FIREFOX in the play store. You can download and install the application from the play store to experience a web page and URL in the different in the Phone.

Multi gadget and Multi-account, which is the useful long side with the entire arrangement with groundbreaking highlights. Some of the web browsers in the Phone won’t work properly without ROM. You need to work with the Phone smoothly and guarantee the gadget with clients in the devices with the operating system.


You can enjoy the different web browsers in the Phone you download and install from the Play store. You can change the default the web browser application in the settings in the Phone. You can experience the internet with a smooth way to utilize the rendering engine.

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