AWS Cloud Architect Certification

AWS Cloud Architect Certification: Valuable Qualification for AWS Cloud Computing jobs in 2023

Cloud computing has become an essential skill in today’s day and era. As organizations worldwide are switching to cloud computing services and solutions, there is no doubt there’s a rise in the demand for cloud architects. This sector has lots to explore as cloud computing has loads of applications that help companies to save and manage their data conveniently.

There are many primary reasons why AWS training is booming so rapidly. The benefits of cloud computing include increased productivity, better efficiency, cost savings, and improved data handling security. However, since there is such a growing requirement for cloud computing professionals, you must find a perfect certification to boost your application in any company.

A qualified cloud computing course is beneficial for developing and improving skills in this sector. Cloud technology has a variety of applications, and understanding every little niche is what these courses will help you with. A good certification will give you an edge over other highly skilled professionals, resulting in better job opportunities and higher salaries.

The AWS Cloud Architect certification is one of this sector’s most popular and highly qualified courses. Get a competitive edge with this course that allows you to learn the fundamentals and ace core skills required on Amazon Web Services cloud platform. AWS certification courses are crucial for IT professionals looking to enhance their cloud computing skills in 2023.

What does AWS Cloud Architect do?

The role of an AWS cloud architect is to design and develop leading cloud-based solutions for various organizations. This helps them to manage their data, infrastructure, and workloads by moving towards AWS cloud storage. AWS solutions architect is responsible for creating cloud solutions and systems that are most efficient using AWS.

Their key responsibility is to guide a particular organization to meet its requirements by perfectly strategizing. They need to have a good hold on communication skills as they work with different teams and clients. From creating these cloud systems to implementing them, every aspect requires their expertise.

Various skills and basic knowledge are required to pursue a career as a cloud architect. One must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or other IT-related fields. You can even get a master’s degree to build more vital skills. Additionally, one must have a grip on coding languages like Python, Java, or C#.

As of 2023, cloud architects make a minimum payment of $193,543 annually in the USA. While if you’re looking for a job in India, you can expect an income of around ₹798,043 per year. The salaries are based on what position you’re applying for.

How to choose the best AWS Certification?

Several AWS certifications hold different specifications based on different levels. The 4 levels are Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Speciality. So how can one decide what’s the best certification course?

If your foundations are clear, start with Associate level certifications. As an IT professional, first, you must get the fundamentals cleared through various online courses that train you as a beginner and guide you in taking a field of your choice.

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Top 5 AWS qualifications to earn in 2023

Here are some of the best courses that aspiring cloud architect professionals do in 2023 to upskill themselves and get better jobs:

1.    AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

This certification is the best recognition for experienced software architects, developers, solution architects, and other IT professionals with a cloud computing background. For all the senior developers and software architects, this certification will upskill them and open many high-paying job opportunities. To get the certificate, one must pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam or SAA-C02.

This exam is hard to pass even with hands-on experience; hence we recommend you do a few online courses before appearing for the exam. One of the best courses available is offered by Simplilearn on AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course. Through this course, you can pass your associate-level exam easily in 2023.

2.    AWS Certified Developer (Associate)

This certification is highly recommended if you are a programmer or software developer. Through this certification, you can polish your fundamental skills in AWS services and improve its application for better services. Being a developer, if you have a hold over coding languages, you can move on to cloud computing through this certification. This is also an excellent first choice for people seeking more certifications in the same field.

3.    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate)

Through this certification, professionals gain significant expertise in managing, operating, and deploying failsafe systems on AWS. By the end of this, you can efficiently work with running cloud-based applications. The specialty of this certification is that it’s affordable and has a good amount of study materials you can use to prepare for its examination. You can also use these learning tools as a guide for other professional certifications.

4.    AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)

This is your next level if you have completed the AWS solution architect associate certification. With advanced knowledge and skills passing this examination, you can handle complex systems by giving out the best solutions. All that while maintaining and bettering security, cost efficiencies, and overall performance. Remember, this is a professional-level certificate, so having a good experience in the field with core fundamentals covered is a must.

5.    AWS Certified Data Analytics (Specialty)

Are you a data scientist? Then this certification is highly recommended for you. This certification clears all the data science fundamentals while adding value to your knowledge. This certification trains individuals to gather insights from AWS data stores and all the analytics, which is a data analyst’s core responsibility. You must have at least two years of hands-on experience before applying for this exam.


So, in the end, if you want to upgrade your skills and have better job opportunities being an AWS cloud architect in 2023, these are the certifications you must get for yourself. Through this, you can unlock a new journey in the cloud computing field and get your hands on the best skills out there.

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