Youtube go for pc free download

Youtube go for pc free download

Let us bring to your attention YouTube Go, a program where anyone may save video content and watch them without getting connected to the Web.

The application for watching videos

YouTube Go is an official app, which makes it possible to upload any video on Android and watch a few images out of the video before watching or downloading, which, in its turn, minimizes significantly the volume of consumed traffic. Saving videos and watching them without Internet connection has never been easier.

What kind of videos are available for viewing?

  • With the YouTube Go app, you may watch your favorite stuff, even if you have limited traffic or the Internet is slow.
  • Music clips, films, television shows, comedy content, fashion and cooking clips, do-it-yourself clips – the program has all this and much more.
  • Video content may be uploaded to the device.
  • You control the traffic consumption and how much memory is allocated for storing clips.

Control the flow of traffic $

  1. You can watch any video online and stored in the device’s memory.
  2. Preview is helpful for searching content that is really interesting for you.
  3. You choose how much traffic you can spend on the program.

Save video

  • For storage, you can choose a device memory or SD card.
  • Saved clips are played back without buffering.
  • No internet connection required to view.
  • When you watch saved videos, traffic is not consumed.

Do not worry about smartphone performance.

  1. – The device will not freeze.
  2. – The application requires very little free space and resources.

YouTube Go is a great choice for those who want to watch the video without spending traffic.

Until recently, Google was very negative about programs for uploading videos from YouTube and instantly removed them from its directory. However, this measure was not very effective. Therefore, the company decided not to impede the just desire of users to watch videos without connecting to the Network and even presented their own program for this aim.

Is it really convenient?

YouTube Go is a convenient way to search, upload, and watch YouTube video content offline. During the installation process, you must provide the application with the required permissions and bind it to your Google account. To do this, check by phone number using the control SMS.

The main screen of the application is a tape of videos specially chosen following your interests, browsing search queries and history. You can start playing any video from this tape or use the search bar.

Tap on any video causes a pop-up window to appear in which you may choose the quality and start viewing or downloading. For saving the file, it must be allowed by the owner, somewhat complicating the application.

The video you downloaded appears on the Saved tab. Here, feel free to store those videos you want to watch yourself or show to someone without getting connected. Besides, there is an option to share what you have downloaded with people you care for via Bluetooth.

The YouTube Go app is currently under testing and is only available in a few countries. However, you can download the setup file.

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