How to download videos from YouTube

How to download videos from YouTube

In YouTube we can find a large no of videos to watch, but if you want to download them into your gallery there is no official way to download them. Users can download videos on YouTube and be able to watch them in the YouTube download folder, there is no way to download videos on your mobile or pc. In this article, we are going to explain a few apps which help to download YouTube videos for free.

How to download videos from YouTube premium

In recent days YouTube updates and introduced a premium feature which comes with additional advantages, YouTube premium users can download videos based on rules and regulations but it won’t last forever on your mobile, after 48 hours of downloading it will be considered as online videos and if you want it to watch in the offline source then need to make Wi-Fi connection. Most YouTube clip and videos, users can download is based on the maximum resolution of 720p,1080p, or decrease. There is also no 4K. The steps included in downloading video from YouTube premium,

  1. Select and open the video which you want to download.
  2. Downside of the video you can find three dots and click on them.
  3. Select the download option to complete downloading and you can send it to the download folder.

How to download videos from YouTube

YouTube videos can be downloaded depending upon that designer’s preferences and it is completely based on the copyrights of a video. It’s not possible to download private YouTube videos, but by following third-party apps which are specially designed to download videos it’s will happen. Anyway, it’s able to download all videos from YouTube.

4k video downloader

How to download videos from YouTube

4k video downloader is which gives the best service to download videos. Accessing this app is simply easy, users can download videos just by copying and pasting video URL Or by sharing video links directly from YouTube to 4k video download. Not only YouTube videos users can download Facebook, Instagram videos by coping links of videos. In something like a clean layout, the operating system can do what it wants to promote: it captures vids on YouTube near to 8K throughout quality and downloads them to a variety of media.

Users can download the best quality videos for free. Without any limitations, we can watch and download videos. The 4k video downloader will be considered as a third-party app, it’s unavailable in the play store, if you want to download it need to install it from its official sites of it.


VidMate considers as a third-party app, it’s unavailable in the play store, in-browser we can find download links to install it. VidMate is the best one if you want to download low-quality to high-quality videos for free. Just by sharing links from YouTube to VidMate and by selecting the quality that you need users can happily download images. User-friendly app, easy to watch and download videos, mp3 songs, and so on. There are no restrictions on download, users can download unlimited videos by connecting to Wi-Fi or an internet connection. That further supports over 1000 internet sites such as Vimeo, Fb, Vine, Voot, Dailymotion, Tiktok, Instagram and so

VLC media player

How to download videos from YouTube

For windows users, the VLC media player is one of the sources to download videos from YouTube into mobile. In VLC media player, users can download up to 1080p. Downloading videos in it is an easy process and is completed by following a few steps.

  1. Users can download videos supplely by selecting and copying the URL of the selected video.
  2. After coping URL go to the VLC media player and open the media menu.
  3. In the open network stream pass the copied URL address and select the play video option.
  4. While the videos are playing, select the tools option and choose codec information and you can find the source option in the form of a box.
  5. Copy a link that is available in the box.
  6. Go to browser past the link, be sure that pasted links address is not a permanent one.
  7. Here users can play and download videos.

Download YouTube video with y2mate videos downloader

Y2mate is an app that helps to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Y2mate supports Android, Windows, IOS devices. Users could use the platform to download the video an unlimited number of times and without any limitation based on internet or WiFi connectivity. To download YouTube videos in MP4 format into mobile unsteadily and also for unlimited, copy exactly the URL of a video which you want to download and, paste this into the Y2Mate search bar to find and select Conversions to download the video. Users can happily download videos from this application, it’s completely safe and secure to download from this application.

How to download YouTube videos on the laptop

In recent days YouTube updated and given various benefits to users, especially laptop users who can enjoy the additional function. On a laptop users can download videos based on quality requirements and it’s only available on systems that need to have updated versions of browsers and unavailable mobiles, the steps mentioned in the below section direct you to how to download YouTube videos on the laptop,

  1. Download the VTY video downloader app.
  2. Select and open the video which you want to download.
  3. Tap on the share option which is arranged at the bottom side of the video.
  4. Navigation it by sharing the video toward VTY.
  5. Here you can select the download option by choosing the quality of the video which is required.
  6. Finally, select the download option to save YouTube videos on your laptop
  7. Finally, the video will be available in the download folder

YouTube videos can all be downloaded depending upon that designer’s preferences. It’s not available to download private YouTube videos.


Downloading videos and watching offline videos is one of the best sources to watch and enjoy videos while in your free time. Downloading videos directly from YouTube is officially unavailable so here we explain various methods in detail about how to download YouTube videos into mobile and laptop for free without any errors.

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