Flipboard accuses Treemo’s new app Flowboard of infringing its trademark

Flipboard accuses Treemo’s new app Flowboard of infringing its trademark

On April 23, 2013 Treemo had applied to trademark the term “Flowboard” and the logo for its newest and most engaging app without any opposition whatsoever from anyone. However, Flipboard has filed a lawsuit against them lately pressing Treemo with the charges of imitating the former’s name as well as the remarkable logo of the company.

Flowboard is the recent application developed by Treemo. It is an interactive “storytelling” app that has been newly launched in the market. Whereas, Flipboard is an online news collector that gives a chance to its users to create their own interesting magazines using very simple basic steps.

Flipboard has complained that Flowboard is using a similar name to confuse and violate its trademark. This can puzzle their users and directly hamper their trade. According to Flipboard they are aware of how grievous the infringement can be and they are extremely dedicated in protecting their own trademark rights. In spite of talking to Treemo amicably, it produced no solution. Instead, Treemo went and filed a complaint against Flipboard.


Treemo founder and CEO Brent Brookler explained how they wanted to discuss the matter in a peaceful way with the Flipboard team but as an alternative they were threatened by the news aggregator company that legal action would be taken against Flowboard. Therefore, the founder said that they had no other choice but to defend themselves. They filed a complaint asking for “a declaratory judgment of non-infringement of trademark rights”.

Treemo justifies that the F logo is nothing but a proper representation of their new app and uses the first letter of the term “Flowboard”. It has not been copied and most certainly not influenced by Flipboard. Treemo also argues that the two companies are distinct in appearance, matter as well as the type of the products they have to offer to people and using the suffix “board” means nothing but following the ongoing trend.

Where Flipboard is relying on the jury to deliver justice to their intellectual property, on the other hand Treemo awaits Flowboard to be cleared of all the trademark infringement charges. The court’s decision remains pending.

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