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Worldcam – The easiest way of finding out what’s happening right now, anywhere on the planet

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Ever since the Facebook takeover of Instagram, there is an accelerated growth of new applications and startups being built around its API. With its simple pitch – “a picture is worth a thousand words”, Instagram has made a new market for global entrepreneurs.

Last night, I had Worldcam on my deck. What’s Worldcam?

Umm, it’s a platform that helps you search instagram pictures from specific location. Searching pictures has never been an easy task! Though there are several prominent players on the field, but what makes Worldcam a perfect picture search tool – is its awesome design and super fast results.

Worldcam - Search Instagram by location

Oskar, the co-founder of Worldcam says “We started off thinking it would be great to look at places in town, or holiday destinations, but then we realized there’s so much fun to look at, all over the world. From competing companies to the weirdest museum in the world to a classic bar mentioned in some book you just read, Worldcam has it all.”

The user interface is pretty simple and catchy. Though, there can be an endless list of ideas that can be integrated into the existing application – Worldcam is still a fun way to see what is happening around you.

The startup will soon release its iPhone app. Till then have fun checking out pictures from:

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