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As a primary mode of communication, Emails have always been playing an important role in almost every individual’s life. No matter there has been an increasingly rise of the social web – Emails are still the key access to most of the services over the internet.

WeekWill Concept

There have been many services like Google SMS Channels, Way2SMS and few others that provide SMS mail alerts to your mobile phone, but there seems to be much development space for this kind-of-product yet.

The most important factors that add up to the quality of such services are:

  • The delivery time: How fast does SMS pops up when you receive an email?
  • The security and privacy: Is your email secure when you opt for such services? (When I consider official email accounts)
  • The cost: Is the service affordable?

Considering the above three factors, I came across an Indian startup which seems to align what users are looking for. WeekWill, a Chennai based startup that accelerated by providing email alerts on mobile phones through SMS since early 2009, has been doing quite well in this sector. Ranjith (Co-founder of WeekWill) said “We initially started as a B2C model, but over the years it molded more into a B2B model serving clients like RedBus, Walmart, Hayes Lemmerz and few others.” However, the service is available for individuals at reasonable prices.

What adds more to this is their new feature called “Body Parameter Filtration” which acts to be filtering the important parameters of the email body for instant processing of the SMS alert.

Overall the product and service makes it easy and cost effective SMS solution for teams and corporate – so give it a try and share your comments.

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