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Weekend Ventures – A 54 hours journey of starting up

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Are you sure your concept is hitting the right people? We mostly think of the usual motivators when trying to get more people to join our team. Have you considered your audience real motivators? What can you do about it?

As I and my team recently attended the Weekend Ventures event, there has been a chain of multiple ideas catching up my mind. Last few days were simply as thrilling as being a part of the movie ‘Die Hard 4’, which kept me going and realizing that India has a real-real potential for the startups.

I was amazed at the atmosphere going on all weekend. Amazed at all the beautifully designed products that came out of only 54 hours. Amazed at the fact that, apparently, I wasn’t the only person in the world walking around with weird ideas. And most importantly: I was amazed to be doing something that I was really passionate about, rather than just passing the day to make a buck.

At Weekend Ventures | Mumbai

To summarize, there were about thirty participants, all hailing from a different background but with the same approach – I want to start-up.

The Knowing-part

The first day initiated with the participant’s introduction, and listing up the ideas from every individual. Right from educational concepts to travel pitches, all came on-board from these creative minds.

The Knowing-part | Weekend Ventures

The Voting

During the next few hours, Eight teams were formed with an average size of about 3-4 people per group. To say this was stretching it a bit is an understatement, as teams were completely built on the ideas that were voted by all the participants.

The Voting

The Playce and Coffees

Two serious elements that turned this event a success was The Playce and the coffees. The Playce, is primarily a startup itself which provides workbenches for startups and ‘ignited-minds’, who like to stay-away from distractions. The entire carpet area is structured so well, that about anyone can conduct their events and seminars with a good bunch of accessories. Additionally, coffees were a part “something worth trying out” here. Personally, I had about sixteen cups #BelieveMe

Building Stuff

The next day, everyone had already started working on their ideas to build prototypes. Though, the number of designers and developers were few, almost all ended up bringing the best of the presentable prototypes.

The Mentors

Since it was like everyone had these dozens of things going out in-their-heads, the mentors were already at rescue to bring a personal value addition to the teams and show them a direction to “achieve more with less”

The Mentors talk - Weekend Ventures

The Pitching

The moment of judgment started off with pitching the ideas along with their prototypes, to the two investors. This was a major milestone for all the teams, as it was the time when they received valuable feedbacks from the people who would put their money into their startups.

The Pitching

Those are some of the important lessons everyone learned over the past 54 hours. When asked to one of the participants about the whole experience, he added “I’m still the fool I once was, but I believe I’ve become somewhat less foolish every day since. One of the biggest breakthroughs for me came very quickly: to let go of what the outside world thought and start working on my idea. Thankyou WV and Startcup for bringing in this great event in Mumbai.”

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