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Textcook – Amazingly simple tool to find recipes with the ingredients you already have

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Have limited grocery in your kitchen? Lazy to go to the market and too hungry for such a task with a craving for home-cooked food? Can’t think of a recipe that you can cook with what is available in the kitchen? Don’t worry, here is a respite to your problem – Textcook; a simple and serene web portal that enables you to enter the ingredients and as an output provide you with yummy dishes that one can gorge on!

Textcook solves the problem of figuring out what to cook with the groceries in your kitchen. It extraordinarily creates mouth-watering meal menus instantly, giving you an unforgettable experience.

Textcook - Amazingly simple tool to find recipes with the ingredients you already have

Needless to say, Textcook can be easily accessed by any visitor. There is no requirement of any kind of sign up’s from any visitor. The user can just visit the site and start the process. The ingredients, with which you can readily cook, can be typed line-by-line in the search box of the homepage resulting in a number of recipes that can be made using those ingredients.

Moreover, if a recipe must contain an ingredient compulsorily, then that ingredient should be followed by a ‘+’ sign (spaces not included). Whereas, if a recipe should strictly not contain any ingredient than it must be followed by a ‘-‘sign or simply a ‘no’. Textcook allows any type of measurement and abbreviations, giving recipes having ingredients of that amount or less.

This online platform is undoubtedly amazing, it saves you time and it has a clean, simple, and attractive interface. No need of the hassles of going to different recipe sites. This is a one place solution to savour your taste buds with your favourite ingredients and seasonings. So, if you are not sure what to do with the ingredients in your kitchen; Try Textcook, you’ll be thoroughly amazed!

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    You can also prefix each ingredient with a measurement or quantity. So if you only had “2 eggs” the search results would not contain recipes with more than two eggs.