Apptrace – An app discovery tool with added perks


Are you busy hunting the latest apps? Are you the one who sweeps through the App Store or Google Play more often to see what next app will spice up your phone? Well the answer is phenomenal as we all love to flaunt about, being the first one in the group to use the top ranking apps. Quite obvious with today’s tech loving youth, isn’t it?

Lately, I stumbled upon a startup called Apptrace, an app discovery tool which helps you save your time and still remain the app guru of your group. Thinking how this is going to help you, the answer is you don’t need to spend hours checking and experimenting various apps from the same categories to get the top five, and that’s not all, you even get the worst five of that category.

Different yet simply amazing, Apptrace is one stop destination for all App Store analytics, without any hassle. From most popular of the week to daily global ranks, it has all served on one plate, which you get to review based on detailed reports for every application.

I know what’s on your mind; you must be thinking whether it’s reliable and would help you shine? Oh yes, it will. The tool generates the list of the top five apps based on the real-time statistics. Apart from the hardcore algorithm, the people behind this starup are themselves developers of prominent apps, so they know the market in and out.

Plus when we’re talking about time saving, how could I forget to mention that Apptrace is the fastest app tracing online tool present. To add-on, you also get an additional review of the competing apps, which just helps you shine brighter.

What are you waiting for? It’s not just free; it’s free forever.