Woolor – A collection of Indian web-based companies

Woolor – A collection of Indian web-based companies

Google has become a religion for internet users where every query is solved by searching for it online, and if you don’t know the answer, Google it! Be it buying movie tickets, shopping online, applying for jobs and most importantly hunting for services that are not only efficient but also cater to the requirements of the user. We all want to try the best, but the moment we hit that search button, we are flooded with several alternatives. Checking each and every platform one by one is quite time-consuming as well as a complex method.

Woolor, a new online directory for Indian websites, is so far a good initiative for all this mess. Better described by the founder, “Woolor is a start-up which aims to organize Indian web based companies in a structured manner making the information freely accessible and useful.”

Woolor - Collection of Indian Websites

The online app is simple to follow and presented in a very orderly manner. Integrated into various sections, depending on the category the website is catering to, Woolor makes it easier for the users to find out exactly what they are looking for in a fraction of seconds.

Lately, due to the impulsive growth in the Indian startups and especially the online businesses, an online business directory (with good tweaks) is certainly a niche worth targeting. Right from YourStory Pages to Startuppo, and many others in between – what matters more is the ability to deliver the maximum content about the company’s background with the extra chunks about the attached networks.

Currently, the community is moderated by a support team, to keep a regular check on the updated information and the companies waiting in the queue. We wish the team all the best for its future endeavors.