DiveeUp – A convenient way to plan and share expenses for your group excursions


Whenever you’re planning to organize an event it is very crucial to plan ahead of the time. By using the unique app Who Paid It, you are able to maintain a record of all your expenses, and who is paying off what during the entire event. However, it might so happen that you have spent so much during the trip, that at the end of the trip you are running out of cash. Thus, the most important aspect of any event is to gather all the valuable information and planning the budget neatly to avoid hassles in the future. Majority of people around the globe prefer to appoint a party planner these days as the best possible alternative option, to organize an event and enjoy the fullest of it.

Now, my point is why would you waste a huge sum of money hiring a professional planner? Instead you could use the same cash for the event and make it grander! You must be wondering about the professional hand you need to manage everything skillfully? Well, here is the simple solution for your problem: DiveeUp.

DiveeUp is a free online tool, which enables you to plan an event, organize the ideas, and share the expenses equally among all the members of your group. Whether it is a simple outing plan or a big celebration, you can start planning easily via DiveeUp: the most caring and organized hand that enables you to fit your plan within your budget by sharing all the expenses evenly.

You can start with three simple steps:

  • Create an event, and invite your friends to take part in the group activity.
  • Collect funds for the shared expenses from your friends.
  • Browse for amazing ideas, cheap deals, and suggestions to plan your event in a grand manner.


Thinking of your next trip? Head onto Diveeup, it’s easy to plan, play and share excursions with your friends.

Who Paid It – Easily track shared expenses


Finance is undoubtedly the most sensitive issue in our life and hence, is very crucial to approach your friends at the earliest opportunity, ensuring a clear perception of each other’s financial responsibilities for an upcoming event or a party. However, dividing all the expenses can turn out to be a hectic and complicated task. Moreover if you are planning to travel with someone, whose expenses vary immensely from you, you are certainly going to have a tough time throughout the trip.

The best solution is probably to keep track of the expenses, and who is paying for what during the entire trip. It is much more convenient and hassle-free to opt for paying in turns rather than dividing and figuring out every single expense. After the trip you can easily figure out the total expenses and the amount paid individually, and then the one who paid less initially, can pay off the remaining amount if only it is possible to record the expenses effectively.

Looking at this aspect, I have Who Paid It on my desk, a simple and convenient online tool to track all your group expenses fairly. Started by Quinn, what makes it real simple and easy is its algorithm, which ensures that everybody pays an equal share.

Who Paid ItSo if you’re one of them who is struggling hard to maintain a record of your regular expenses, and sharing other’s financial responsibilities, you gotta try out this app – its fast, free and fair.