Iconify – An elegant way to create your professional portfolio

Iconify – An elegant way to create your professional portfolio

Even today many students get confused between a resume and a professional portfolio, while others are still unaware of the benefits of the latter. A professional portfolio is primarily a collection of documents, which bears the testimony of your entire career history relating to your educational qualifications, skills, assessments of personality, and recommendations from people, appraisals of your performances, psychometric evaluations, and personal validations along with verifying of backgrounds, whereas a CV merely embarks your skills and qualifications.

For those people who are engaged in creative fields like photography, art, designing and web development, portfolio plays a major role for fetching job opportunities and freelancing work. It is also very vital to gather all the necessary data pertaining to your skills and interests as this will be the valid evidences to show what you’ve accomplished. Adding references and recommendations from friends, lecturers and other known circles is also a good idea, as it will make your portfolio more effective.

If you are a professional photographer wandering how to create your portfolio, and maximize the benefits out of it, here is the one stop destination for all your professional needs – Inconify

Iconify is a free web app which allows professional photographers to create folders for their pictures and display them online to everybody which makes the sharing more easy. There is specified location for the upcoming photographers to update their personal details, along with a map to their physical location.

The sharing tools of Iconify are also very convenient and user-friendly, by the aid of which the professionals can share their work on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler or simply via email in just one click. The best part is however, the downloading option, which allows the users to download the professional portfolios as an app for glancing on mobiles or other portable devices. All you need to do is to click the download icon from any mobile or the device to avail this portfolio.

An elegant way to create your professional portfolio

Iconify looks appealing for the potential clients, but its simplistic design makes it usable by even a novice person.

So if you are an amateur photographer seeking for an opportunity to display your skills, start building your portfolio with Iconify.