VoiceBunny- A tool that pays you for your voice


Instant messaging, message packs, Hike, WhatsApp and more, have made the world a very virtual place. You are seldom found calling people with such hiked call rates. May it be a birthday wish, wedding cheers or cocktail invitations, personal invites have obliterated. From this arose the need of rapid communication for personal and business development.

VoiceBunny is an online app that aspires to connect people with great voices to those – who need them.

Why do you need good voices? When it comes to business the scope is unbound. From radio announcements to reception calls, a beautiful voice gives an awesome kick start. A pleasing voice is able to grasp attention, no matter where it is heard, may it be podcasts, toys, video games, mobile apps, e-greetings, e-learning etc. A personal message has the amiable convincing power, that helps in crowd sourcing, in this case though, ‘crowdvoicing’.

VoiceBunny Fast and professional voice overs

While calling a marriage bureau to setup a perfect match, you like to hear a voice that is charming rather than disgruntled. What more? You even get paid if you have the talent. Yes! VoiceBunny allows you for a free signup and pays you even for auditioning, if approved.

VoiceBunny has an API interface, what does that mean right? It means that your computer does all the hard work and you reap all the awards. Far cooler and easier that a user-interface.

When condensed, VoiceBunny has a complete customized structure flexible with your own rates, convenient timings, recording from home studio, projects of choice and remuneration. Nothing could be a more win-win tool.