The farm of the future – Earthship-Inspired Greenhouse by Valhalla Movement

The farm of the future - Earthship-Inspired Greenhouse by Valhalla Movement

Kickstarter is a genuine platform for those with the creative DNA.  It can be anything that is out-of-box, may it be films, games, technology, fine arts etc. If you think and you have an unorthodox idea – prove it and kickstarter is there to help you take off.

To be a part of Kickstarter you don’t have to be a doctorate holder or a specialist but you have to be passionate and definitely have something to offer more than mere words. Complete responsibility and control will rest with you.

One of the projects that recently caught my attention is the ‘Farm of the Future’. It is the first 100% off-the-grid prototype which is being developed on the principles of Earthship and Aquaponics.

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The developing prototype will be an inspiring example of friendly technology (that concept in itself is rare) and sustainable development. In today’s times where technology runs us, though it should have been vice-versa, this unit will be an automated producer of fish, fruits and vegetables all around the clock. The best thing about such farms is it would be low maintenance plus cost effective.

Farm of the Future is a unique concept which is being built via a very innovative design. Such a project enhances the quality of living by harnessing the full potential nature has to offer. Geothermal and solar heating save on fuel consumption, reduce pollution and spread more on the resourcefulness of renewable sources of energy.

The Dome

The farms will not only foster communal living but will be providing a source of revenue in all weather conditions and on all sorts of terrain with its symbiotic networking with nature.

So if you want to support the project and be an integral role in the shift towards the sustainable future of the team’s collective dreams, start pledging.

To know more about the Valhalla Movement, have a look at their official website.