TypeForm – Building the next generation online forms

TypeForm – Building the next generation online forms

Be it a launch of a product, a new website, a mobile app, or may be a song, a book or a movie; anything and everything needs a feedback to judge its success, and this feedback is collected by conducting surveys and feedback forms. Nowadays, every now and then we get phone calls, messages and emails, to complete surveys regarding something or the other. Entrepreneurs today believe in consumer satisfaction and keep it as their main agenda. You not only need to know about your clients but also how you are going to keep them intact and gain more customers without losing the old ones.

But one should know that people easily get annoyed with such feedback forms and surveys; so you better keep your forms interactive and engaging. Plus one should never forget that their forms reflect the organization behind it. Although people are using many online services to generate forms and surveys, but that hitch is still lacking. We already have popular web tools like – GoogleDocs, SurveyMonkey and MailChimp in the market, but aren’t we still missing the ultimate tool, that could engage people like never before.

To bring revolution in the form building market, there is this upcoming startup from Barcelona called “TypeForm” – which has played pretty well in bringing together design, rich media & new technologies to improve the user experience of online forms. It helps you to make your forms and surveys so interesting and fun to experience that your customers would surely change their mind-set of filling “boring forms” and completing “dull surveys”. “TypeForms re-invents the forms because answering questions online doesn’t have to be boring.” says the co-founder David Okuniev.


Beautiful templates, mesmerizing themes and easy to use platform, makes this startup really appealing. To add five stars to your form, TypeForm has a super amazing feature which is yet to be revealed; it is the only service platform that can create forms which can automatically adapt to usability of any device – android, tablet, computer or anything other device.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIPXLTnYycA[/youtube]

Personally speaking, I see a lot of potential in Typeform, and I’m sure they will bring a revolutionary change in the concept of form building and conducting surveys. The market is soon going to heat up with new competitors. TypeForm is still in beta process, so lets see what they coming with.