The Do’s and Dont’s for your startup’s Twitter account

The Dos and Donts for your startup's Twitter account

Social media is being used by an enormous number of entrepreneurs to promote and keep in constant touch with their clients. Twitter is one of such prominently used social networking sites. Although many might think that using Twitter for businesses is not a big deal but honestly, there are a few dos and don’ts to be kept in mind and followed when using this form of social media. After all you don’t want to lose your followers.

The Do’s

Search and follow already existing and reputed Twitter accounts. Now their followers will be able to see and retweet your informations. In this manner you are getting new followers and creating a chain of prospective clients. The more new people you reach out to the better it is for your business.

Most of the entrepreneurs think that a one-way advertising mode of communication with the clients is enough. But frankly, it isn’t enough. Your customers would also want to express their opinions. Twitter allows this facility. You can post tweets and your clients can comment, ask questions as well as retweet them. If you wish to you can even ask for feedback.

Use your company’s logo, description, taglines and genuine color palettes for creating the Twitter account. This will make your followers feel that they are actually contacting with the real company. While putting up any details keep in mind that the branding should convey to the people. Let the entire process be smooth and transparent.

Consistency is an added quality in every profession. When you are posting anything on Twitter it is expected that the posts will be coming in a consistent fashion. Therefore, make a habit of displaying new posts in a regular interval of time. There are readymade applications that allow one to pre-schedule tweets from beforehand.

Hire a person to manage the Twitter account of your startup. This will ensure efficient functioning of the account. Proper regular posts will be updated and you can also keep track of customer feedback in a smooth manner.

The Dont’s

Do not make your Twitter account a base for advertising only. Post relevant information, fun facts, ideas that will interest your readers and make them wonder. Your probable clients will be happy and engaged with your posts and will read your advertisements as well.

Do not go ‘Over The Top’ with the newest feature of Twitter, hashtags. Hashtags help users search easily on any related topic. And if used too many times then it can ruin the motive of it. Try using less than two hashtags preferably.

Give your complete information in the Twitter profile. This is vital for any person to contact you. Provide all the contact details, all information related to your company. This will help in making your readers have complete faith in you.

In case you are posting a particular content taken from some other website or source. Make sure you give proper credit to the original piece or you might have to face the wrath and mistrust of your readers. They will no more believe in you.

When you have just created your account do not fret over the number of followers you have. It is important to tweet quality stuff so that the few number of people who follow you can read interesting things and can later retweet them which in turn will increase your followers.

Following these tips will help you in creating proper exposure for your startup. #TryThem