Compare fonts on the Web using Tiff

Compare fonts on the Web using Tiff

There are hundreds of fonts that can be used in the standard computer and all of them have their own distinctive features. However most of the times we tend to get confused between some similar-looking fonts. One very fine example of such analogous typefaces is Helvetica and Arial. An amateur eye will never be able to point out the subtle differences between these fonts. Then how do we distinguish between them?

Tiff has brought an easy way in front of us to find out the slight distinctions between two fonts. The term ‘Tiff’ can be wittily split into two words: type and differentiation. It is a type-differentiating tool that displays the contrasts between two named fonts and gives us a visual solution efficiently.

Compare fonts on the Web using TiffTo operate this app you need to type in Font A and Font B and also input the letters that you wish to see in different formats. For example comparing Helvetica to Futura, just type in the names and hit the display button. Every little visual difference will be showcased flawlessly. To get a better view click on each letter and the view will be zoomed in on the designs.

Tiff is a lightweight tool that is one purely web-based application for comparing two fonts that are available on one’s computer. It also evaluates fonts that are present in the Google Fonts library. There are two main benefits of using Tiff. It effectively aids in recognizing the visual design contrasts between two specific typefaces. Moreover, it is a utility function to compare and understand fonts on the Internet.

No extra effort of making an account or confirming personal details makes Tiff the most desirable online tool. This app is a gift to each and every computer user all over the world and being free of cost and hassle-free it is the best option accessible to anyone.