The Old Reader – A better social RSS reader

The Old Reader

I‘m sure we all miss the old Google reader, but who doesn’t likes transformations, that too when it’s an improved and better version of the original RSS reader. Missing those hours of browsing for the latest chit chat?

Not anymore, coz we have The Old Reader, a better place where you are free to share your own notes or just comment on friend’s post. Just in case you were you using some RSS reader previously, you need not worry, as The Old Reader has an extension to import your feeds and feel homely. Tadang!

Exploring into the social phase, it also lets you find and add your Facebook and Google contacts helping you find your friend’s interests.

What I found really interesting is that The Old Reader is very specific and manageable; you get two different set of folders:-

  • Shared: that stores the posts shared by you.
  • Following: that stores the posts shared by your friends.

To add on, The Old Reader also equips you with a handful of keyboard shortcuts which helps you save some extra-time while you navigate through the article and of course it also aids you with action buttons such as “like”.

So are you still missing the original Google reader?  Just head onto The Old Reader – its same, easy and better.