Say no to non-sense

Say no to non-sense

There are many small unnecessary tasks that come your way but needs to be avoided completely and many tedious temptations that will waste your time and you might lose your actual goal. There will be many silly distracting objects and work that will deviate you from your purpose. You need to learn to say no to these. Successful people are successful because they know what was important to work on and what was not. And to achieve that purpose they mastered the art of saying no.

Say no to non-senseThere are many unimportant things that have to be avoided at all costs and most of us know this. But the trouble arises when we actually have to avoid them. When one has to say no to someone’s request or some delicious ice cream then it gets extremely difficult. However learning how to say no can make immense positive changes in your life that will make it more productive and beneficial.

As per Journal of Consumer Research two sorts of people exist. One type of people, when tempted, tries to avoid it by saying that ‘I can’t’. The other type say ‘I don’t’ when any kind of distraction comes their way. And it has been observed that the first type of people is the ones who easily give in to temptations than the second type. However researchers wanted to study further if such people were able to focus in spite of regular distractions.

People were divided in three groups and presented with a chocolate bar. The first group was asked to simply say no to it. The second group was told to just say that ‘I can’t eat the chocolate’. The third group responded that ‘I don’t eat chocolates’. The words that are used to say no make a lot of difference in modifying our professional life.

The reason why ‘I can’t’ is not too powerful in strengthening one’s resolution is because the words bind us in a limited manner. It shows that we are denying to do something because of some restriction. On the contrary ‘I don’t’ signifies that you are powerful enough to resist any form of enticement that is lurking close to you.

Words are powerful weapons. They work where grenades and rifles stop. Therefore it is completely upon us how we use it to positively construct our life. Saying no for all the small unessential things that we generally tend to ignore can make a huge deal of difference. So when the waitress brings a new flavor of ice cream or a distant friend asks to sign up for an unimportant insurance tell them you don’t want to.