Dont fight other’s battles at your workplace

Dont fight other’s battles at your workplace

Many times in workplaces you will be facing troubles. When the trouble is yours, the solution is yours too and you can sort it out quickly. However, when you have to deal with other people’s troubles, then things get extremely complicated. It’s difficult to turn a blind eye to coworker’s problems. Not that we are advising you to do that either. But there can be immense disadvantages of fighting your coworker’s battles in the workplace.

Dont fight other’s battles at your workplaceAlthough it would seem to you that you are trying to win the situation for someone else at your work but all you will end up doing is you will hate your workplace unknowingly. When you are fighting for a person’s rights and trying to resolve their sadness then make sure that you don’t increase the amount of emotional upheaval and tension for yourself.

When your coworker hates a specific person at office then there are heavy chances that he might influence you. You will start hating that person too and it will bring negativity into your work culture. It might hamper your tasks and might even force you to leave your office. Trying to solve some other person’s trouble got free trouble your way.

Also it is necessary to remember that there are two sides of every coin. What you are hearing from your coworker is just one side of the story. You don’t know the entire episode and therefore, it is no use taking actions against anyone. It is beneficial if you stay out of all the mishaps.

It is known to all that frustration and anger are useless emotions that waste unnecessary energy. So instead of doubling the anger, sadness and depression stop fighting other’s battles.