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In today’s world, web presence of any business or even an individual who dreams to be an entrepreneur is very important. Agree? Now you would want to create a webpage, but you lack the obvious knowledge about website designing, java programming, or those numerous snippet codes. Praying to God, for some extra light?

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The most alluring part of is the beautiful and attractive gallery with numerous options, which guides you to enhance your landing webpage in a creative style. In fact your page automatically gets responsive and looks great on any platform or device.

Connecting to your users directly by adding a contact form or email collector sounds great with your web page. Oh yes! You also get to know when you actually go viral, as helps you to keep a track of your visitors. Team

College time friends, David Chen, Dafeng Guo and Teng Bao, came up with when they couldn’t find a better way to build beautiful websites in less time. Based in San Francisco Bay area, its a relief for those who want to build their online presence with a light weight and simpler website.