NimbusBase – Store data for your apps on your user’s own cloud storage

NimbusBase – Store data for your apps on your user’s own cloud storage

With the demand for mobile applications increasing everyday, application developers are looking for newer ways to accelerate the development process. Even after development, considerable amount of time and energy is spent in data maintenance, security and worrying about scalability as users increase. NimbusBase hopes to make life simpler for you by taking away the problems of scaling, server management, and user privacy, radically changing how application back-ends are built.

NimbusBase helps you store data for your apps on your user’s own cloud storage. With this, you shift the burden of scaling from developer to larger companies that are experienced and technologically – better equipped. This in turn, shifts the control of the data back to the user thus alleviating security concerns on user data. Also, you don’t have to do any tail work as data server setup. By cutting the server out of the process, product creation becomes easier, saves server cost and precious time for developers and designers.

Currently, the product runs on HTML5 and Dropbox. Nimbusbase has also integrated Backbone.js so that you can easily convert any Backbone apps to be on top of NimbusBase. Building using HTML 5 ensures your data is accessible on all the devices, a user owns.


NimbusBase does not host anything. It is not an application or web server. What NimbusBase does is, it allows you to store a user’s private data from a HTML5/JS environment. Most of the time, this means you need to already have a way of hosting a static html page.

The online tool today supports a lot of use cases, especially for developers who want to develop apps that works across devices:

  • Saving progress data for single player games.
  • Personal productivity apps. Like Evernote, Clear, or Wunderlist.
  • Apps where data privacy is important. Such as medical history or diary apps.
  • Offline+online apps. We are one of the few data syncing engine that works offline and then syncs data online.
  • In its Beta, NimbusBase was started by Ray Wang, the tech brain and Alex Volodarsky, the biz pro. Currently, they support private data storage and hope to include public data and private shared data for the apps very soon. They also plan to work on integrating with more backends so any type of apps can be built on top of NimbusBase.

The comprehensive learning material on their site makes it easy for anyone to get started. If you are an app developer, head over right now to check it out.