America’s accused is offered a job in Russia’s VKontakte

America's accused is offered a job in Russia's VKontakte

Edward Snowden, who had been assigned a year’s term in an asylum in Russia, escaped his punishment by a lucrative offer. Russian social networking site, VKontakte has proposed him with the option of joining their team of programmers in Petersburg. This offer was given on Thursday by one of the founders of VKontakte, Pavel Durov. As per the legal documents of the allocated asylum Snowden is allowed to work anywhere within Russia.

210 million registered users all over the world subscribe VKontakte, meaning “In touch”. It has a minimum of 47million users counted on a daily basis. It is Russia’s answer to United State’s Facebook.

Snowden, 30 year old, has been tried of charges of spying. He is accused of leaking all the secret information of the United States Surveillance Programs that were carried out over the phone and Internet. Since he wished to escape the charges he traveled to Moscow from Hong Kong on the 23rd of June.

However Moscow has denied in co-operating and handing over Snowden to Washington. The already existing rift between US and Russia over the conflict of Syria, defense and such Human Rights problems will be agitated even more due to this trouble.

America’s accused is offered a job in Russia’s VKontakteMoscow has taken up this opportunity to raise accusations against few of United States’s decisions. VKontakte considers that Snowden has done nothing wrong by denouncing US’s security services’ crimes against citizens all over the world. On the contrary Moscow regrets the fact that US is becoming unscrupulous and cheating on all the people’s trust. It is not following the very principles that it had set a long time back.

The crazy ideas and the smart ideas – Knowing the difference

The crazy ideas and the smart ideas - Knowing the difference

It is not unusual for entrepreneurs to come up with extremely crazy and out of the box ideas. Ideas come at odd spots and strange situations, in showers, while you are driving or when you are in the middle of a class. The best thing to do then is to jot them down on a piece of paper for future reference. However, such bizarre ideas will be innumerable and most of them are useless. But there will be a few diamonds hidden in the coal. The point of discussion is how to tell the difference between the good ones and the stupid ones.

Ask yourself some basic questions and evaluate your answers. Whether your ideas qualify for execution depends on your answers.

See if your idea serves some ultimate purpose and solves issues in people’s day-to-day lives. After all every great invention was born due to someone’s need. The best thing about startups that were started out of necessity is that they do not need to be sold to various people because everyone will be willing to buy things that they desperately require. All you want to keep in mind is do not let go of the creative aspect of your product.

[alert style=”green”] Ask yourself whether you will be able to deliver efficiently the idea that is popping up in your head. It is important to decide whether you are willing to give your heart and invest completely in this idea. Think hard if this entire concept will work correctly. Find out whether you have enough time, budget and resources to support this startup.[/alert]

Will your idea receive enough traction and attention from the prospective users? See if people will be interested in your idea and whether they would want to discuss about it. Your idea needs to be something that catches everyone by surprise and draws his or her interest. The idea has to have an in-built marketing mechanism as the more number of people share their thoughts about your idea the better it will be for your startup.

Check out whether your idea will be equally efficient after a few months or a few years. This is because as time goes on technology will progress and it is important to find out how this will affect your startup. If the effect is positive then see in which direction your startup’s market will be going in the near future. Assess yourself by applying the supposed future market conditions and business evaluations.

The most important question is, is your idea worth the effort you are putting in. Crazy ideas have the risk of running into high tides or the depth of the ocean. It is up to you to decide whether all the input in terms of hard work and money is worth the whole idea.

Your idea must deliver an end value to your users. All you have to do is believe completely in your idea. No one can assure of a startup’s success. But you can make sure that you cover the track totally to victory.

Facebook’s new feature – Embedded posts

Facebook's new feature - Embedded posts

Facebook, between its many new developing and attractive features, has come up with the fresh concept of embedded posts. This feature of Facebook is an opportunity granted that will allow its users to publicize embedded posts from Facebook by posting them directly to your blogs or websites. This is a wonderful chance for people to bring all their exclusive posts in Facebook to the view of the rest of the web. Now the interesting news will no more remain confined to the walls of the social networking site. It will travel farther and wider to viewers of different realms.

Facebook’s new feature – Embedded postsEmbedded posts can contain various multimedia aspects. You can attach pictures, videos, text as well as hashtags. Anyone from anywhere in the world including the embed itself can like and share these posts making them accessible to everyone. The only condition set to embed posts is that they need to have public visibility.

The hashtag facility is a sure boon to the Facebook users. If a certain thing is hashtagged then if you click on it you will be able to find more of such content material on Facebook. This facility is used all over the world including the official British Monarchy Page.

If any picture is shared over the Internet from a Facebook page then people can like the page by a simple click of a button directly from the embedded post. This is a great way of publicity and marketing for companies as well.

Facebook’s new feature – Embedded posts

Many a times journalists or important celebrities post their views on the events happening nationally and internationally. Facebook has created wonders by adding the “Follow” button. By clicking on it you will be notified of all such related posts by the celebrity.

Media people, public figures and other citizens of various countries share such thoughts and philosophies on a daily basis. Facebook is joining hands and trying to collaborate with CNN, PEOPLE and similar media organizations to bring the Facebook content to the outer world. They want the embedded posts to scale the public eyes on a larger range.

Coding is not the most important bit of a startup

Coding is not the most important bit of a startup

There have been instances of non-technical entrepreneurs looking out for co-founders with a coding background because they cannot simply place their company without proper coding done. This search gets frantic and most of the times after having searched futilely the entrepreneurs are generally advised to learn the science of coding. As if launching a startup is not a Herculean task in itself, and on top of that learning something completely new in a short span of time.

There are several reputed companies that advise to learn to program like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Fast Company. Surprisingly, even Harvard Business School teaches their students to code, although the students are paying for learning business expertise.

Most people can’t imagine how one can open an Internet-based company without knowing how to code. Since it is extremely difficult to find a technical co-founder in a limited time therefore, founders join institutes. There are several online education companies that give programming courses. Coursera, Codeacademy, Lynda are such academies. Developer training camps such as Hack Reactor, Coder Camps organize classes for weeks.

There are many readymade solutions for the ones who think coding is an inevitable part of a startup. But the question is, is it really worth the effort? Thinking about the reason behind most startup’s success, we find users and customers are dominant in the workflow. Companies are not set back because of improper coding, but due to the complete expenditure of money. It happens because there were not enough users to be catered to and make the business model of the startup work.

The only things you have to do to create a startup is to start a company, erect a customer base and then when all this is successfully executed recruit developers who will code for your website. It is no use building your site even before your business has started and thriving.

[alert style=”green”] Learning to code is a good thing. It is helpful in many aspects but learning to code just to make your startup successful is just a plain waste of time. If you have a core skill, then bring excellence to it and then use it to wisely. Once you have established a proper ground for yourself, hire others who have technique and knowledge about things you don’t know but which would help in running your business smoothly.[/alert]

Elizabeth Yin and Eric Bahn of Hustle Con teach marketing and sales tricks to emerging startups. This is important, as non-technical entrepreneurs should concentrate on acquiring customers to make an accomplished business. Be good in your core competencies and stop worrying about coding.

The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollars

The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollars

When we were young and in school we could measure our achievements by the grades we got but once we grew up and got into the entrepreneurial career how exactly is our success graded? The number of users we have, the money we have earned or the satisfaction we achieved?

In Southern California’s startup panorama famously named Silicon Beach people launch startups to do something of their own and thereby attain mental peace. As we all know that money can’t definitely buy happiness. Their success is assessed by their own happiness and contentment. A study by Angus Deaton, economist of Stanford University, states that if a person has earned an amount say $50000 then even an extra dollar will in no way contribute to more happiness. Thus entrepreneurs need to find pleasure from every small instance and task of their business.

Are not you overjoyed when you are with your friends? It creates an aura of ease when we are with like-minded people. Being an entrepreneur you can create a group where people who share similar experience and thoughts to yours. There must not be any exchange of money among the members as that is not the motive behind the group. Discussion with other entrepreneurs will widen your viewpoints, help you resolve your flaws beforehand and make you more determined and decisive.

Your sense of time will not improve if you are devoting it completely to things related to yourself and your startup. Help others when they are in need as it will make you more comfortable with regard to time constrain. Be a mentor to the newbies, volunteer with advice and resources, show interest in what they have to offer and most importantly listen to them. Giving time to others will make you more at ease.

The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollarsWithout goals it is difficult for anyone to survive especially if it is in the field of business. Entrepreneurs have large ultimate goals that they work hard to strive. But what it eventually does is make them tired and they forget to enjoy the little experiences of their work. Divide these larger goals into smaller ones, which can be achieved on a daily basis. These goals are not about how many investors you met or how many clients you emailed. Let these aims be about something other than the regular stuff. Achieve one objective per day. Satisfaction would come on its own.

The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollarsGratification comes from gratefulness. Thank people who have done some unusual work for you. A small thank you note can bring a smile on anyone’s face. Send it via email or post and let your well-wishers know how helpful they have been and how special they are. This will automatically connect to your level of bliss. It will generate more optimism in you.

It is important to make oneself happy and to maintain that state on a permanent basis. Being happy is the key to success because it ultimately leads to a healthy, productive and prosperous life, which is much, more essential than thousands of dollars being stored in the bank.

Education in the business school or the real world

Education in the business school or the real world

Education is primary and necessary to do anything substantial in life. But the place of education is the most conflicting question. Whether to complete graduate school or work in the real world would determine the two types of outcome from the education you receive. Although both the experiences will enhance and groom you but each will shape your personality differently. Graduate students are considered to be well educated and knowledgeable. However all those youngsters from different backgrounds and fields with an idea of increasing productivity and obtaining practical results are quickly employed. Nowadays Internet has opened all options and made employment, resources and professional enhancement close to the hand.

Things that are not allowed in the business school are completely accessible in the real world. If you think that obtaining an…/Join-Vidgyor-The-Next-Generation-Of-Online-TV-AdvertisingMBA degree will help you achieve your goals and let you fulfill your ambition. But the real world will give you far more valuable and enriching familiarity with practical situations.

[alert style=”green”]There is no way you can learn better than doing the work yourself. Few years of experience in the real world are far better than just reading theoretical notes in the university. Nowadays, in spite of having an MBA degree, employers look for practical knowledge and experience with real world problems. Therefore it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to utilize two fruitful years in practical environment or not.[/alert]

The degree is not unessential but nowadays it has achieved the stature of merely a decorative paper. It is not the only ticket to the entrepreneurial world. Every company demands employees who are not just an MBA degree holder from a reputed business institution, but people who have enough skills and awareness to survive in the competitive market as well as produce immensely effective results.

Many consider spending time in university to obtain a business degree a complete waste of money as well as valuable months. The cost of completing graduation is rocket-high. It gets extremely difficult to get the funds. Moreover the time one would spend at the classes could have been well spent in the real world making money, establishing connections, honing one’s skills, and at the same time learning the same things that were being taught in the college. Although many graduate courses offer their students to study along with their job but all it manages to do is making things more difficult and complicated to them. They can neither devote time to their work nor can they concentrate on studies.

Education in the business school or the real worldMBA might seem to be a distant vacation for many. But nothing is achieved without hard work. Assignments and tasks are required to be covered, additional preparation needs to be done and the entire team has to work together. Only if one gives their hundred percent inputs they can achieve the best.

Assess your goals and ask yourself what do you want to do in future, find out the path that you want to follow. Don’t make your MBA an easy alternative to the labor and diligence of the real world. Neither should you attain a degree under the pressure of your employing company or peers. Education from real life experiences can be the best possible choice that you make.

Overall education is a very important part of life and it is extremely important to accomplish it. But where you want to learn is completely your choice. To give an honest opinion there is no better classroom than the real world. Let go of all inhibitions and fly off into the sky. Once you are going through every realistic situation no one can stop you from soaring high.

[alert style=”white”]Small tip: You no longer need to work nine-to-five for a big company to pay the mortgage, send your kids to school and afford that yearly holiday. You’re never late to quit the rat’s race and startup on your own – and you don’t need an MBA or a huge investment to do it.[/alert]

eShack – One pretty destination for an alcohol lover

eShack - One pretty destination for an alcohol lover

After one wild and crazy party in Bangkok, Arman Sood and Ashwajeet Singh, students of Jindal Global Law School were struck by an awesome idea. They were inspired by the drinking accessories available in the party and found them so cool that they wished to implement those amazing accessories into the Indian market. The young to-be-entrepreneurs skipped law school summer internship and launched their venture soon enough.

eShack - FoundersThus an amazing startup was born. Like most other entrepreneurs they established the business because they did not want to work for other people in legal internships. Sood and Singh Ventures has brought forward the most remarkable and outstanding party and bar accessories to the country. Notably these products are available at the best market prices and are of utmost quality. Their only motive is to change the way people party in India.

It offers accessories such as Beer bongs with a single funnel that gives a wonderful drinking experience to the partygoers. There are reusable American drinking cups that look stylish and serve as the perfect glasses for serving beer, ice shot glasses to sip on your chilling drinks with pleasure, beer helmet if you are a slow drinker, beer belt, whiskey shot, portable beer pong table, etc.

eShackeShack also offers cool and funky looking t-shirts that reveal how much you love a glass of whiskey or beer. With messages such as “Beer Pong”, “Keep calm and drink on”, “Beer Mash up” the t-shirts are a must have for every alcohol lover. Wear them while you are heading to a house party or bar.

And if you think these are the only things that eShack has to offer then you are wrong. They have enough great combo offers for you that bring an assortment of funky drinking accomplices that will turn your farmhouse parties to the talk of the season.

Their team of employees gives efficient and praiseworthy service and ensures timely deliveries of each and every order that has been placed. All the orders are delivered within 3-5 days and the packaging is done securely. The payment options are extremely flexible. You can pay by credit or debit card or if you wish to then you might avail the option of Cash on Delivery.

Now the parties that you throw will no more fall short of standard and they might cross the level of craziness that the parties in Bangkok and other such countries have to offer.

Your startup’s reputation is as important as all the other aspects of your startup

Your startup's reputation is as important as all the other aspects of your startup

After having finished the initial stages of your business venture and having produced successful products you might think that most of the worries have come off your shoulders. But you are wrong as another very important aspect of your company is being ignored completely. The reputation of a business is too vital to ignore. It decides your future customer flow and the ultimate success of your startup.

A simple search in the Internet can reveal every detail about your company’s background. Right from the date of foundation to the important team members of the company, the affiliations you have received, your customer reviews and every feedback posted online can be at the mercy of a click. Anyone can check out all the information that you as well as others have published regarding your startup. All these posts will shape your customer’s opinion about you, whether good or bad depends on your online reputation entirely.

Remember that it is impossible to please everyone. There will be instances when many of your customers will not be happy with your products. They will be expecting too much out of you. Few of such people will ask for refunds and the others might be loud and crass when giving online feedbacks about your company. Such cases require immediate and pleasant replies because these comments might be posted in various sites and others who barely know about your venture might form a strong view against you. These small negative reviews can ruin everything that you have worked for so far.

It is necessary to curb such reviews at the root because once they spread like wild fire it will be practically impossible for your team to control it. For those who are unable to manage their repute themselves there are various companies that monitor professional reputations. One such example is They provide online supervising services for startups and help us learn a lot of things.

You will get to know the procedure of controlling online search reviews of your company. You will know everything that is there on the Internet about you instantly. You will get acquainted about every original review about your products and be able to control and secure all negative contents about you. Most importantly, all your private info will be kept locked up and protected.

Your online reputation is as valuable as your products and your entire venture and to make it approvable and recognizable you need to carefully tend to it.

Startup Visa offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Startup Visa offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Canadian Government has implemented a new and unusual reason for issuing a visa. It is called the Startup-Visa. This program is a unique way of connecting entrepreneurs with appropriate well-established organizations in Canada. This visa is a great offer for all startups as Canada is a country that provides advantages in many aspects. It has a strong economic growth along with amazing facilities of research. Fortunately it has low tax rates as well as business expenditure. Canada, with its fantastic lifestyle, has very simple and basic procedures that when followed would grant us with our startup visa.

The initial step is to get an investor for your startup idea. All you need to do is to sell your idea and persuade angel investors or VC fund to give you a support letter. Just include it with the application form and you are one step closer to your dream.

The knowledge of English or French language is essential. You need to be able to communicate in at least one of them. Qualify the tests to get to the minimum level of CLB5 and send the documented proof of your result to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Next include the proofs of your education wherein you must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education with the application.

Government of Canada will not financially support you or your family members who migrate to the country. You will be completely responsible for the living costs of your family. There is a specific amount of money that will be required for a family of a particular number of members as specified by the Canadian government and you cannot borrow this money. It is necessary to submit proper proofs that you have the required funds. If you carry more than C$10000 you must inform a Canadian official upon arriving in Canada. This is necessary as per the rules of the country and if not followed there are high chances of being fined or imprisoned. There are certain medical exams and police checks that need to be performed before doing anything else.

After all the above things have been done you must download and print the application package found in their official website. Pay the processing fee for you as well as your dependents and the Right of Permanent Residence fee too. Once all the fees have been cleared submit your application online and then you just have to wait for a certain processing time period.

A CIC officer will check all your details and documents. Inform him if there has been any recent change in any of your personal details. After you have been verified completely your permanent residence visa will be confirmed.

A short procedure will be followed once you arrive in Canada. An officer from Canada Border Services Agency will check all the travel documents belonging to you and might carry out a necessary questionnaire. Remember not to carry any item that is forbidden in Canada.

A wonderful opportunity for new entrepreneurs to get financed and shift their base completely to Canada, do not miss the chance.

Gaining traction seems difficult but not impossible

Gaining traction seems difficult but not impossible

Simply a unique idea and an efficient and cooperative workforce are not sufficient for a developing startup. For the beginners it is important to gain traction for your emerging startup. To newcomers who need a refresher, traction is an assessable number of customers that reveals the potential of your startup to the probable investors.

However it is not an easy job to increase traction. There are different ways of doing it but the most difficult part is all the ways are unique and specific to each startup. Gabriel Weinberg suggests different ways of augmenting traction. He concluded to the methods after having spoken to many startup founders.

There are the traditional ways of advertising through newspaper and other print media, radio as well as televisions. The more out of the box ways could be organizing some publicity stunts to attract the attention of prospective users or customers. You could always give ads on websites that are renowned and more accessible. Some have tried mentioning about their startup in different blogs or building community that helped them gain a lot of traction. Make your products open source. This will help in spreading the news by the word of mouth.

It is up to you to find out which method fits in best with your company. It also depends on the type of investor you are targeting at. Every startup needs to develop a new plan for acquiring users. But the other difficult part is how do you realize whether the amount of traction you have gained is enough to convince an investor.

Mark Peter Davis of DFT Gotham Ventures says ‘hockey-stick’ growth rates imply how consistently your traction is gaining. Therefore this is the growth you would want to achieve which in turn is determined by the Marketing Equation. Marketing Equation is the relation between the value of a customer engaging in the startup’s products and the money spent in acquiring the customer. It is best if the customer lifetime value is a lot greater than the cost of acquisition.

There are no fixed regulations as to the amount of traction required that marks the growth of the startup. But the more traction the better it is. Remember every company is unique and you cannot judge your traction value by observing others.

[alert style=”green”]Small Tip: Read ‘Establishing connection with the media is essential[/alert]

Interview with Mr.Purnendu Bose, Founder and Director at ITI Restaurants

Interview with Mr.Purnendu, Founder and Director at ITI Restaurants

Let me ask you something! Imagine yourself working at one of the prime positions with a leading Television channel. You’re at the acme of your life-position. You are 48, and have a family to look upon. Inspite of the fact that everything is going in a perfect harmony, will you quit your day job and start-up something from scratch?

For those who would not do so (or at least recommend others not to quit their day jobs), let me share a small piece of story.

Iti - The speciality Bengali RestaurantIt was a day long exhausting journey, where I was travelling back from one of my business meetings and wanted to halt somewhere to eat something refreshing. Passing by across more than ten hotels and restaurants, something caught my attention. There was this fluorescent-green textured board, near the highway, saying “Iti – The speciality Bengali Restaurant.” It had a caricature of a Bengali man, which portrayed that the food was extremely delicious.

Purbendu BoseThe moment I entered the restaurant, I was invited by Mr.Purnendu Bose, the Founder of Iti. I took my seat at the corner table and took the first bite of ‘Veg.Chap’, one of the menu items – believe me it was AWESOME! I stood up, took my plate and went at his table, where I spotted him working on a laptop. For those who don’t know him, Mr.Purnendu was the Ex-COO at SaharaOne, and one of the key persons to launch Hungama TV channel.

Since then, I became more curious about him and pulled out my pen and notepad. Let’s know more about him and entrepreneurial journey so far.

What was the first spark, that made you quit your day job and start iti restaurants? How did the idea of Bengali food chain come to your mind?

ITI-RestaurantTo cut a long story short, I had an ambition of migrating from employment to entrepreneurial venture at around 45 years of age. This would be of something I thought I am intrinsically good at. Initially it was a step in the media industry where I have spent last two decades of my career. I got into the search for fund for my own media project and was constantly travelling to meet investors. While I was in Kolkata on that mission, I frequented a specialty Bengali restaurant chain outlet which was close to my meeting venue.  There i realized that there are not good options of reasonably priced, specialty Bengali restaurant chain here in Mumbai or other cities outside West Bengal with a significant & affluent Bengali population who really missed out on Nostalgic taste of authentic Bengali food.  Bengalis are known for their culinary passion and no matter which part of the planet earth they live in can walk extra miles for their ethnic food fare.  Bengali foods that have evolved over the centuries both ingeniously and through assimilation of many foreign culinary specialties are a big draw not for its distinctive tastes and flavors alone but also for simplicity and subtlety in cooking styles. Yes, I’m a carefully self groomed food connoisseur, especially of authentic and exotic Bengali Food.

When you made the decision of starting up your own venture at the age of 48, how did you tackle the opposition from your family and friends?

Honestly speaking I have not had any opposition. On the contrary my family stood by me and backed whatever decisions I have taken in my life. In that field, I am possibly lucky enough to have supporting parents, wife and son.

What is the USP of your food chain?

Happy Customers - ITI

Iti in Bengali literally means “The End”. Through our brand name the message conveyed is “end to the search for authentic Bengali Cuisine”. Iti is a destination that showcases the best of both East and West Bengal cuisine. Bongs are known for their appetite for food that is as intense as their love for culture music and films. There is a famous saying that compulsions can drive a bong out of Bengal but nothing can take the Bengal out of a bong’s heart. Our USP is founded on this emotional quotient especially about nostalgic food from both sides of Bengal with a single objective of serving the foods they miss when they go out of Bengals that in turn will be a sort of celebration for them.  The real kick is in the preparation of food in strict adherence to traditional recipes so that the customers feel that they are having home cooked food- something in the way their mother or grandparents used to cook.  This I believe makes the immediate nostalgic connect. We offer around 97 unique authentic recipes from both sides of Bengal.

Within a span of just few months, you’ve already started three restaurants in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai region, where do you see yourself in coming 5 years?

Thanks to overwhelming response from Bengalis all across Mumbai which has enabled us to open 3 branches in last 15 months, from the time when we opened our first outlet in Vashi. Today we are serving to more than 5000 Prabashi (migrated) Bengali families every month in Mumbai. We intend to continue to roll-out primarily company owned and operated restaurants. We have the appetite and drive to establish fifteen Iti Bengali Restaurants in Mumbai over the next three years and then move onto a national and international business-scape in the next phase of expansion.

“Management is core to every individual, organization & society.” Give your views on it.

Management is inseparable right from cradle to crematorium for any individual, organization or society. Judicious management of resources is required to sustain oneself save growth and advancement through high pitched competition. Deep and large management bandwidth can lead to very high success rate, which enables to make optimum use of available resources, both material and human. Management is a sheer necessity not a fashionable rhetoric.

What is your philosophy towards work?

It’s simple: work until I drop that inspires people around me to do the same.

According to you, what are the challenges for Entrepreneurship today?

Business and industry can be different but the challenges are the same. They are for innovation, opportunity, existence & growth, which entrepreneurs today face as they attempt to attain their goals set.

Do you think today’s economy is conducive for a new venture to start upon?

The essence, spirit and direction of the economy has been pro-market since industrial revolutions. Only paradigms shift in relation to the political bias. Now when you’re looking for a new venture you’re competing in a world where the competition isn’t just the outlet down the street, but anybody working with similar idea anywhere in the world. It is good as it demands more from me to be competitive in equal terms first and then to attain the all important leading edge in the business we do. Possibly I have to work hard more as some of them have more local economic advantages as compared to those in our country. But that should not be eyed as deterrents, on the contrary as challenges to test yourself.

Share with us the most enjoyable moment you had experienced on work.

There is not a single one, there are many. But I can share a recent one. A couple of days later I opened our Vashi Joint I came across a couple on their morning walk. Seeing Iti the lady stopped and a bit grudgingly told her husband “See our luck. It has opened here when we are told to be calorie-conscious.” I was really amused and felt a bit bad about them at the same time. Also the moments when some guests gave me a look of disbelief knowing me the owner of iti. I am grateful to my parents for my unassuming unlike-businessman look.

[alert style=”green”]We wish Mr.Purnendu, and his entire team a very best future and luck and let all his joint’s keep making more and more customers happy![/alert]

People enjoying food at ITI

Bootstrapping comes with its own difficulties

Bootstrapping comes with its own difficulties

Bootstrapping an agency is extremely painstaking. Even if you have enough experience bootstrapping requires a great deal of hard work. Competition with the more successful firms might want to be your driving initiative but it is not the right procedure to scaling one’s business. Following a few instructions will make bootstrapping much easier.

Know where your profit lies. Remember do not take too much on your plate because you might not be able to gulp it down. There are one or two special qualities of your agency that can give huge end results to your clients. You can send work to other organization using white-label arrangement; this will help in increasing referral business.

The more quickly you launch partnership with people around you the better it is for your agency. Your acquaintances might know prospective clients who are in search of your services. Communicate more with clients, call them for a lunch and discuss your business outlooks. Lay bare your intentions and be completely honest with your clients.

Keep your friends close but keep your rivals even closer. Taking help and helping out your competitors is not a bad thing. One may swap their conflicted leads in exchange for a small amount of commission fees. This approach helps in raising profits. If you have already experienced a case study then things become more fluent.

Only providing huge interest values to clients will not be fruitful. Having a personalized effect while handling your customer is essential. Service theater means solving all queries of your client by providing them with correct and apt answers. This can be achieved by providing hardcopies of reports to the clients, calling them periodically to ensure if their venture is going well or not. It is your responsibility to address all their problems related to your industry. Engage yourself completely in the activities of the company. Overreach your client’s mark of expectations and deliver to them the best of results.

Although it is very difficult to bootstrap an agency, learn to overcome the issues and follow the basic instincts to reach the peak of success.

Fly solo or collaborate with a co-founder is the prime question

Fly solo or collaborate with a co-founder is the prime question

When starting a business one can easily fall in the grasps of a common dilemma. The most important question that gnaws at the back of every entrepreneur’s mind when starting their business, if they should have or not have a co-founder with them. There are immense advantages of both flying solo and having a partner and it is up to the entrepreneur to measure the pros and cons and decide what is ideal for his startup.

Having a co-founder means you have someone with whom you can share your worries and anxieties as well as successes and achievements. No matter how many employees you hire they can’t share your pathos, as they are not in a similar position to yours neither do they have the same responsibilities. Only a co-founder will understand your troubles and give honest opinions and advice that will benefit the startup in the long run.

What if you are an expert in Web Technology and you have no idea about marketing and advertising then the right step would be to collaborate with someone who knows those departments well. This kind of partnership is required because it is not possible for someone to learn every skill. If your co-founder and your skills complement each other then the product will be released sooner in the market and your customers will receive a better end result.

Intellectual arguments are one of the significances of having a partner on board. These debates give rise to mind-blowing ideas that translates into user-satisfying products. The more you talk it out with someone, the more you will realize the flaws. In this way you can rectify them and make it work.

Although having a co-founder has innumerous benefits yet it comes with a few disadvantages that are solved if you do not collaborate with anyone.

For every action you take, you will need to ask for consent from your co-founders. This can get a little irksome when you have to do it all the time. When you own a business you definitely want to be independent and not answerable to anyone. You can decide easily and confidently when there are no differences in the company. Your preference will not be sacrificed due to others’ opinions if you do not have a co-founder.

When there are more than one founder in the startup there will be splitting of work among them. Even though this might seem to be logical and helpful but ultimately this work division goes to become the bone of contention among the partners. One might end up working more than the other person and this would seem injustice to the other. If you are scared that such conflicts might arise then be the sole head behind the company.

If you have the technical expertise, management knowledge and other skills that are required to make your startup flourish then there is no need to collaborate. Since you have all it takes then better enjoy the freedom and accolades. You can have complete control over the entire venture.

Ponder upon the highs and lows of having a co-founder and see if you need someone’s support. If you are completely new to the entrepreneurial world and have less experience then don’t hesitate to partner with someone who has a little more experience than you. In this way you will not only deliver a better product but also learn a lot of things. However if you know what it takes to make your startup a success and are confident enough then you certainly do not need anyone to team up with.

Don’t burn your tongue to check a hot coffee, trust Brando

Don't burn your tongue to check a hot coffee, trust Brando

What a pathetic sensation it is when your tongue tastes coffee that is too hot! Your tongue gets burned and it feels coarse. You can’t taste a thing with that specific part of your tongue and it is an awful feeling altogether. Of course there are remedial potions that you can create to cure your tongue. But there is a better and quicker alternative to that. You could check the temperature of your coffee before tasting it. Now that might sound a little insanely strange to you but it is possible.

Are you wondering if you have to carry a thermometer with you to cafés or every time you drink a cappuccino? No, you don’t need to dip a thermometer into your cup of latte. Brando has brought an easy and available solution to all those who need to down large cups of coffee when they are working late at night. It has produced a travel mug that can display the temperature of your drink. Thus you no more have to burn your delicate tongue when you intake a sip of your cappuccino.

Don’t burn your tongue to check a hot coffee, trust Brando

Clever Touch Temperature Sensing Coffee Mug with Digit LED IndicatorThis efficient mug shows the temperature of your beverage with the help of indicating lights and digital numbering. It costs a mere $38 that is nothing when compared to the proficient advantages it provides. The mug has a built-in thermometer that records the temperature of the coffee that is poured into the insulated mug.

Amazing mechanism etched into a beautiful design, the after effect of a burnt tongue will no more be a burden. Important business meetings will no more be agonized by the after-taste of hot coffee.

Startups, here are few things you should not do while looking for investors

Startups, here are few things you should not do while looking for investors

When you are in need of capital then convincing your investors is the matter that must be given utmost priority. And you definitely don’t want to ruin such an opportunity. The following things need to be kept in mind while raising funds for your startup.

You might think that raising a lot of money is the best way of starting a venture but that is not correct. Do not be tempted to make a comfortable launching pad for yourself. Even though too much money might seem to make everything fluent for you but when you have fewer resources then you learn the art of capital efficiency. The crucial thing is not how much capital you have with you, but how well you utilize your money. There is hardly any need to hurry when you are trying to establish a successful business. Slow and steady wins the race.

Things one should not do while looking for investorsIt is of no use approaching an investor who has never before invested in a venture of your category. There are many disadvantages that you will have to face. You have to convince them every time of your ideas. They might develop unreasonable demands that will adversely affect your startup. When the person has no experience in your field he will not be able to provide you with support, advice or adequate encouragement. Everyone needs an investor who can actively contribute to the startup as part of the team.

However, if an investor has invested in any rival company then it’s safe to steer clear of his way. There will be unnecessary clashes in the company. Your growth might be hindered and your interests given second priority due to the other startup. Proper attention and funding may not be provided.

Things one should not do while looking for investorsNever meet an investor before doing your due homework. It is essential that you research on the background of the investing company who is funding your startup. Learn more about the type of companies they generally invest in or who exactly are the people who are doing your investment work. If you are not familiar with the intricacies of your investor’s work then it might be troublesome when you are interacting with them. Gather more information from people who have backed from the investors.

Things one should not do while looking for investorsDo not take the meeting to be a joke. The first time you are meeting an investor it needs to be serious and briefly efficient. You need to answer their questions correctly and in case you do not know an answer be responsible enough to find out the answer later. This is the time when you need to prove to the investors that your startup has the capability to be the next big thing.

Be sure to do the necessary things and you will earn respect and value from potential investors for your business.

Compare fonts on the Web using Tiff

Compare fonts on the Web using Tiff

There are hundreds of fonts that can be used in the standard computer and all of them have their own distinctive features. However most of the times we tend to get confused between some similar-looking fonts. One very fine example of such analogous typefaces is Helvetica and Arial. An amateur eye will never be able to point out the subtle differences between these fonts. Then how do we distinguish between them?

Tiff has brought an easy way in front of us to find out the slight distinctions between two fonts. The term ‘Tiff’ can be wittily split into two words: type and differentiation. It is a type-differentiating tool that displays the contrasts between two named fonts and gives us a visual solution efficiently.

Compare fonts on the Web using TiffTo operate this app you need to type in Font A and Font B and also input the letters that you wish to see in different formats. For example comparing Helvetica to Futura, just type in the names and hit the display button. Every little visual difference will be showcased flawlessly. To get a better view click on each letter and the view will be zoomed in on the designs.

Tiff is a lightweight tool that is one purely web-based application for comparing two fonts that are available on one’s computer. It also evaluates fonts that are present in the Google Fonts library. There are two main benefits of using Tiff. It effectively aids in recognizing the visual design contrasts between two specific typefaces. Moreover, it is a utility function to compare and understand fonts on the Internet.

No extra effort of making an account or confirming personal details makes Tiff the most desirable online tool. This app is a gift to each and every computer user all over the world and being free of cost and hassle-free it is the best option accessible to anyone.

Startups, here are few tips to seek reader’s attention via emails

Startups, here are few tips to seek reader’s attention via emails

Did you ever stumble upon a situation where you wanted to get attention of someone valuable, like HR manager of some company, or a journalist, maybe? Like for a situation where you’ve got a business opportunity that is beneficial for you and your company and that “potential customer” someone, as well?

You are convinced that you’ve got to win the client’s attention. But that people are too busy to open emails from unknown sources, right? The answer to “why” is simple; there would be other hundreds of other e-mails in his inbox trying to get their attention.

Will someone open your email? Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes or No?

How about increasing your chances of “Yes”?

You can gather some handy tips here to help you go with the “trying-to-get-attention” emails.

A catchy phrase or sentence for the subject

Among the hundreds of mails in their inbox, your email must stand out, and the easiest way? The subject line, of course! Only 50 characters stand between email success and the trash bin. Is it relevant and interesting? If not, it’s likely your email won’t make it. A crazy, catchy subject will do, but it also needs to be specific of what the email is regarding.

[alert style=”green”]A little tip: Exclamation marks!!! or ALL CAPS won’t make it interesting.[/alert]

 A one – sentence introduction

Or maybe two but a lengthy introduction of yourself/your company won’t earn you any points and your email may go to spam instead.

Be short and to the point, stating benefits for them

Your reader is more likely to become engaged in your announcement if you can keep the message brief and direct. And explain why your message is important or how it will benefit them, but briefly, 6-7 sentences and you are done. Everyone always needs to know what’s in it for them without wasting much time.

Your email should always have a “call to action” making it clear what you want the recipient to do.

[alert style=”green”]Another little tip: Don’t ask for a favour outright, especially not for the first time.[/alert]

 Do your homework

Do the prior research about your readers, their networks, interests and the goals. This is an ideal rule for reaching out to anybody (to show you value their time), but it’s especially important when reaching out to busy people.

Don’t act like some freaky lover, but keep in touch

People don’t like to be annoyed by emails, but it is important to keep in touch and further the relationship. Act like a peer with a good proposal, and you’ll find you’ll get replied to like one. Follow up and stay interested.

There’s this guy who wants to launch a podcast and he needed influential people for discussion for an hour or so. The people he was emailing were known for selling hundreds of thousands of books, getting cited in every major newspaper and academic journal and more.

How did he get them to join on the launch of his podcast?

He made it all about them. Even though they would be helping him by appearing, his email was all about how he could help them. Here’s an example of an email he used:

[alert style=”yellow”]Just got done reading your new book, and that story [insert specific example], just made sense. That said, I’m launching a new podcast, and would love to feature you and your new book. I suspect we’ll be able to sell a few hundred copies from just this interview.

Here’s the deal: I run a marketing / human behaviour blog at [His blog name]. I’ve got 13,000 RSS readers, 10,000 people on an email list, and I get about 100,000 hits each month.

And since my blog is all about buyer psychology and marketing, your book is truly a perfect match.

If you’re interested, let me know and we can figure out the timing.[/alert]

The email starts with complimenting the reader, one-line introduction of himself, keeping the context to point, stating the benefits for the reader and ending it with “call to action”.

With these few basic tips in mind, I hope your email seeks attention just as you want it to!

Learn the ABC of building a successful startup

Learn the ABC of building a successful startup

Creating a startup is no child’s play. It is a difficult and time-consuming process. There are few things that an entrepreneur should know before they start working on their “big idea”. The first and foremost thing is to expand the horizons and think more broad-mindedly. Going through a few tips given here would not hurt you, instead it will teach you to let all suggestions come your way.

Learn the ABC of building a successful startupMake your ideas constructive. Visions are useless when they are not put to practice. Therefore, it is extremely important to execute those ideas. Make them happen by talking to people, getting feedback eventually and using that feedback to improve your product. The entire thought behind it all is to make your idea happen because there will be many others with a similar idea to yours and what’s worse they might be working harder than you. So if you don’t give your best someone else will take away the prize that could be rightfully yours.

Founders need to have classified roles in the startup. If you are good in designing and your co-founder has the same designing skills like you then it is of no help. Instead if he has an unusual ability to understand business situations and manage marketing problems then your startup has versatility. It is important to have people on board who can be trusted to get work done because as a founder it will be difficult for you to cover every aspect of your startup yourself.

Learn the ABC of building a successful startupCross all hurdles steadily. If there are obstacles in your path overcome them instead of giving up or waiting for the obstacle to pass. By the time the obstacle passes away someone else will have already crossed it and touched the finishing line. Stop being lazy and do what it takes to achieve the result.

Once you have achieved the final product, do not stop at that. ‘Improve’ it. Keep implementing new features in your creation to satisfy the ever-changing demands of the market. It is essential for startups to understand their goal and keep in mind the needs of the customer. A technological good is never completely finished. It always needs a little bit of tightening here and there. Therefore do not hold back or rest once you have released the product in market. Work on it.

Identify your problems and know how to triumph over them. You can’t move forward if you can’t tackle the issues that are bothering your startup. You need to be honest about yourself and accept all feedbacks graciously. Learn not to take criticisms to your heart. Use your resources wisely and constantly.

Learn the ABC of building a successful startupBe compassionate about yourself. Establishing a successful business takes a lot of effort and diligence. You might find yourself in a difficult situation, there might be many lows and very few highs and the goals that you had set might not get fulfilled within the allotted time. Don’t reprimand yourself and be too harsh. Be empathetic and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to have a vision of your own. Only when the entire scheme belongs to you, you can work whole-heartedly on it and know where exactly you are heading. One must keep in mind that it is okay to be inspired by another idea but not okay to copy it completely.

Learn the ABC of building a successful startupAccept advices and suggestion. Keep your mind open to all kinds of input. Sometimes we get so involved with our projects that we can’t always take the right decision. There might be some other person who has dealt with an almost similar problem like yours. Take his advice and act as per the situation demands because a good advice does not necessarily be the best solution.

Working hard is vital but at a constant steady rate. You can’t expect to get successful overnight. Behind every winning startup there are days or months or years of extreme labor. It takes time and patience to build a business. Also being persistent is significant. You can’t brood over the past. Do what it takes to achieve the best and then move on to the next task. It’s no use lingering on one particular job.

[alert style=”green”]Don’t do anything half-heartedly. It is ineffective being partly into the venture that you are planning to build. Once the startup flourishes you need to dedicate yourself completely to it. There’s no halfway to success. If you want to achieve something then go for it. Be available all the time and get every work done.[/alert]

And lastly don’t forget to enjoy the journey. After all everything you do in life ultimately gives you an experience and if you don’t enjoy then you will never learn.

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

The last time you had ordered a book from Amazon, you were waiting impatiently for the package to arrive. Everyday you missed the hangouts with your friends and stayed back at home because you were not sure of the day of the shipment’s arrival and you were scared that if no one was home the package might be sent back. Online shopping was supposed to be making your life easier but it clearly was not making so in your case. Right before the law entrance test my admit card did not arrive by the deadline and I started panicking. Eventually it did arrive but quite late. Had I known about AfterShip then, my worries would have reduced to dust.

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

Many a times the packages sent by various companies get lost on the way due to inevitable circumstances. Although they provide an instant replacement delivery to their customers but it costs a fortune to them to act out such replacements. AfterShip aids the companies by tracking the problems and reports immediately to them as well as the customers. AfterShip, a Hong Kong based startup, helps you track every order free of cost, presents them all at once and helps one find out undelivered shipments before it is too late to recover the losses.

FedExTo enjoy the vast benefits of this service one needs to create a free or premium account by signing up with his existing email id and a password. You may select the courier companies that you generally prefer. This helps detecting the courier service automatically when you enter the track number. AfterShip covers global couriers such as DHL, FedEx, Asian couriers, European ones as well as Indian companies Bluedart, India Post, etc. There is also an option of integrating API and shopping carts into your AfterShip account. If you have an online shopping portal then API can connect it to AfterShip. Using this you may insert tracking option directly into your store’s website and use it efficiently to follow the path of your shipment order.

Adding track button is also useful. This is the easiest way of tracking one’s packages without even leaving the corresponding sites. You can set up notification options and you will be alerted at different stages of the delivery- in transit, out for delivery, delivered, failed attempt, exception, etc. The details can also be displayed in a graphical manner on a monthly basis. This makes everything all the more easier for the customers. AfterShip has also developed various apps that can connect with your favorite stores such as eBay, Amazon, Spree, Magento, etc.

AfterShip – Now track your shipments via this amazing app

Now there will be no need to fret and get anxious the next time you are getting something delivered. Simply sign into AfterShip and leave your worries to them.

Valentin Abe and his Caribbean Harvest – Story of one of the most influential entrepreneurs

Valentin Abe and his Caribbean Harvest - Story of one of the most influential entrepreneurs

Valentin Abe was brought up in Côte d’Ivoire (popularly known as ‘Ivory Coast) and did not arrive at Haiti until the year 1997. Being associated with the Rotary International project he turned up at Haiti in search of prospective fish-harvesting sites. The originally six-months contract gradually extended to two years and presently Abe has been staying at Haiti since the past fifteen years. What exactly lengthened his stay? For fifteen long years Abe has been providing Haitian farmers with fish and teaching them the exact method of augmenting the quantity of fish manifolds.

It was in the year 2005 when Abe established the Caribbean Harvest. This is an NGO that creates fish-farmers out of simple small-scale farmers. The fish farming is practiced in the Lake Azuei, which is located near the Dominican Republic border and in the Haiti’s Central Plateau. Caribbean Harvest volunteers in collecting donations to cater to the farmer’s immediate needs for starting fish farming. The amount from the donation helps in buying cages, fingerlings and feed. As soon as the farmers harvest the first time, they can financially support their ventures themselves. Seeing the efforts in multiplying the number of fish in this typical fish farming Clinton Foundation aided with $250,000 and funded the organization to further extend their support to each of the farmers. Digicel has named Abe to be one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Haiti. TIME’s recognized him as one of the most influential people of the world.

Abe states that the present land and property rights are not in the best shape. In Haiti, these legal claims to property are biased towards those who have access to various titles and power that are obtained using lawyers, surveyors and notaries. The legal system is slow and incapable to solve vigorous land issues. He finds it difficult to expand the agriculture outside reservoirs and create fishponds due to the arising land troubles. However, he still plans to start a processing plant in the near future.

Overall the journey has been extremely rewarding and in spite of many barriers faced by Valentin Abe he did not give up and continued with the good deeds. There is no surprise in how profitable this sort of farming became eventually. As per the Miami Herald the fish sold in the markets by the farmers weigh about 12 to 16 ounces. The sale brings $2.40 per pound of Tilapia. After calculating the expenses there are 80 cents left for families and the community.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”350″][/youtube]

Upon proper surveillance, one can find out that many villages in Haiti have bought their water drums for rain harvesting or the village’s only latrine from the money made in Tilapia farming. Also school buildings have been set up in the villages and scholarships are being provided to the students. Abe affirms that the only way of offering help to the Haitian people is to give them employment and not donations. Creating jobs for the citizens would improve every aspect of their community including health, education as well as the entire environment.

The saying goes, do not give fish to a man instead teach him to catch it. However, Valentin Abe did something even better. He gave a fish to the villagers and taught them to multiply it- the true brilliance of an entrepreneur.