Fitsby – An app that motivates you to go to the gym


How many times have you made those fake promises to yourself, about your gym routine? No, you just don’t need to think of excuses, to feel guilt free; it’s totally fine, you can admit it in here. In general, it’s very difficult for any individual to stick to his gym routines without any failure.

Want to get back your regular exercising habit? Then check out this cool application called Fitsby; which promises to inspire and invoke the users to continue their workouts at regular basis. It’s not just a set of motivating guidelines but a game portal, where you get to challenge your friends for being the most regular gym-goers.

Fitsby AppJoin or create your own game, set the amount of the wager, and there you go. All you need to do now is keep your routine regular. But make sure every time you start your workout at gym, you press “check in” button and “check out” when you leave. This is necessary in order to keep a record and thereby decide the winner or you may say the most regular person to workout.

The innovative idea of our young men – Daniel Gaeta, Brent Hronik, Kevin Yun and Zack Chan, is to excite people about being regular to gym, making it more fun and happening.

Just in case you think you’re clever enough and can manage to defeat your friends without sweating, you’re wrong, as these young entrepreneurs are not only intelligent, but sharp-witted too.

To make sure that the bet is fair and clean, here are few things to note:-

  • You need to be at a verified gym, when you check-in.
  • You need to spend minimum of 30 minutes before you check out.

The app is still in private beta, but you can download the Android version here and get a better picture of it.

[highlight]Update: 5-01-2013[/highlight]


Fitsby App is now live on Google Play. It seems that the team has re-branded themselves, by changing the app’s logo. Give it a spin now.

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