Sokanu – Online career guide of this juncture

Sokanu – Online career guide of this juncture

To find out what you’re here for, is the most important question which you may ask yourself often . What do you want to do when you grow up? Which career is most suitable for you? Is your present career choice appropriate? Is your career perfect? Will you stand exclusive in what you’re doing? All these questions pop up every now and then, until we are satisfied and proud of what we have. These questions stay unanswered and your career remains incompatible to your dreams.

Spencer Thompson, the founder of Sokanu brings a remedy for all. This online app answers to all these questions and helps you find a career as well as a passion for your life. He says, “Most people can’t answer the question of who they are, let alone what they are meant to do.” This thought of his proved to be wondrous for all of us as that bore Sokanu.

Knowing what you want from life, discovering the layers of talents hidden within, helps you assimilate your dreams and make life worthwhile. Helping you know your ‘perfect career’ with the help of science is the objective of this app. The users are mainly asked to enclose as much information as possible so that it suggests you the best career choices according to your interests. Few things like your education, the kind of books you like to read, the activities you love to do, previous positions held are examples. This helps them guide you better. You can even explore all the career categories mentioned in there; where clicking on each, you will find all the questions well explained which may arise on your mind.

It not just analysis of your answers but it is an opportunity to design your future, exploring and expanding your limits. “The ability to find relevant, viable, and realistic information about any possible career, and explore the potential fit with your interests and characteristics are the missing pieces between education and a career,” says Trent Gegax, President of Sokanu investor The Gramercy Fund.

Additionally, you can even find your Facebook friends having similar career choices via an app specially designed for the users of Sokanu (pronounced as So-Can-You). This online guide is free to use at the moment and plans to be the same in the longer run.

It’s never too late to realize your dreams. So, begin your journey as quickly as you can.