Poutsch – The opinion social network

Poutsch – The opinion social network

Do you believe in God? Even before you answer this, you may start thinking, “What about other people, do they believe in God? Or does your mom, your friend, or your sister believe in God?” That’s human psychology, every time we answer a question, we immediately want to know what others think about it. Well, yes we do have various social networks where we can ask our near and dear ones, and get their opinions, but wouldn’t it be great if we had a special platform, just for asking as well as answering questions of our interest?

Poutsch, brings to you some democracy online; you can say it’s an online tool that helps to aggregate opinions of millions of people, and present in the form of hard data and proper statistics. Practically, there is no place on the globe, where one can actually calculate the quantitative data or analyze the qualitative ones, or even figure out as in how many people were involved in an event, and what were their views about it.

Although some people might support the already popular platforms and stick to the belief that one can judge a person’s thought process from his/her social profiles, the kind of Facebook statuses, the pages liked, number of tweets and re-tweets, or simply on the basis of the various interests pinned on Pinterest. Judging or evaluating a person through the above information is not sufficient and lacks accurate data analyses.

Poustsch lets you ask or answer anything, and simply every other thing. Plus, since it’s your question, it’s you who decides the type – specific or broad, philosophical or may be political and ultimately get reviews on areas that interest you.

The users are at full liberty to decide the form in which their idea should be analyzed. Hence, they are provided with four different question types:

  • Binary – Where the user can answer by choosing one out of two given choices.
  • Multiple Choice – Here the user gets upto 5 different options to select from.
  • Slider – By moving slider left to right within maximum and minimum values, pre-selected by the questioner.
  • Rating – The user needs to rate the answer one a 1-5 scale.

Apart from this you get to add some extra features to your questions, making it even more descriptive and specific like uploading a picture, adding a smart link along with adding/editing upto five tags.

The way in which Poutsch presents its calculated statistics and properly analyzed data, is worth appreciation. The best one is the graph that shows you the demographic breakdown, based on your age and gender. It also lets you filter the results with options and helps to get exactly what you want to know in accordance with the people you follow, their area and also, different people from all around the world.

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