Moodmet – Super simple way to share how you feel at any particular moment

Moodmet - Super simple way to share how you feel at any particular moment

You have been anxiously waiting for someone to turn visible on Facebook and the green light to be lit right next to their name, but to your dismay it never happens. All your energy drains out and your jovial enthusiasm turns into an inverted ‘U’.  You so want to express your happiness when the clock strikes thirty-two minutes and it is then that your double burst pizza arrives and it is free!! The wave of happiness as you munch on crispy chicken wings laughing and giggling, making faces at a toddler that is staring at you with big watery eyes and surprisingly grins back.

Can a status update be ever equivalent to the emotions existing in the moment? NO.  Can a tweet express the agony of heartbreak? No. Last but not the least, sometimes you just want to share your emotions and not be questioned about it. But present social media interaction has no such platform and the social interaction remains more of a ‘statement’ than ‘understanding’.

Moodmet is a space which allows you to share how you feel at a particular moment, present at any place on this Earth. This can be done via mood-vote. Sounds cool!


You don’t need to give an explanation. You just express – good 🙂 or bad 🙁
It would mean what you want it to mean. You are free to express your elated spirits or those of despair without questioning eyes because moodmet keeps your vote anonymous.

Express away at Moodmet today!