Betterific – Share and discover ideas


Have you ever felt that you’ve this ultimate brilliant idea which would add five stars to an already established and successful device or website? Like adding an “Unlike” button on Facebook or a feature that would play YouTube videos in the background of your phone.

Don’t worry if your friends don’t pay heed to your one in a million ideas; as we have a startup that encourages idea heroes. Betterific, a platform which helps people to put forward their ideas and suggestions that might help a product, company or an event to improvise. It’s more like a digital suggestion box, which allows you to give a “Better if suggestion” for the items listed in the tons of different categories.

The interface is dead simple, just login and post your ideas or just comment on others. Plus you also get ranked, depending on number of likes and dislikes your idea fetched, helping you turn-on your genius calculator to know how innovative you actually are. Just in case you have started admiring someone because of their mind blowing ideas, you can simply hit on “follow” tab to get all their creative suggestions.

Without socializing our life seems so incomplete, therefore Betterific also allows the users to optimize their suggestions by sharing it over the leading social networking sites. Additionally, you can keep a special track of all the ideas posted by your friends and social contacts via “My Friends” section, which then collects all posts by your contacts at one place (Think about Facebook Wall).

Although, Betterific has already made its place in the market, we have a new competitor coming up shortly – coWonder (currently in beta process).

Do you have dozens of ideas, just start thinking wouldn’t it be better if…?