Shoplocket – Sell easily by embedding your product anywhere on the web


E-Commerce sites revolutionized the way we buy and sell by moving shops from brick-n-mortar to websites on the Internet. It really opened up avenues, but for a seller there still is a need to set up a website. Sites like eBay and Shopify solve this problem either by providing a ready online market place or setting up a site for you. In either of these cases, there is a need to drive traffic to your site for a successful sale. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sell not from these online storefronts but simply publish and sell at places where you already get visitors like your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest board or Twitter deck. That is what Shoplocket intends to do.

Shoplocket helps decentralize online sales by helping you sell individual products from any website. Thus making it as easy as embedding a YouTube video. Customers can buy directly from the place where your product is embedded. Add to that, no upfront fees or monthly fees so it is risk-free and no commitment required.  You pay only on a sale. Signing up takes only a click. There are seven different templates for displaying the product. The only drawback is the payment options. The only ones available are Paypal and Stripe (only for US and Canada).

Katherine Hague, is the founder and Andrew Louis, the tech brain behind this Toronto based startup. While this may be all that is needed to sell their products for small players, it may serve as a customer-funnel for the bigger ones with offerings on their own sites.


This effort has further lowered the barrier to entry into e-commerce, thereby making selling possible for anybody and ensuring an ever-greater variety of products for buyers. This is a quite unique concept. But now with latest developments, you can embed your entire Shopify storefront into pretty much any page on the web! How things work out and in whose favor? Let’s wait and watch.