– Easily turn a Dropbox folder into a blog


Off late you’ll find dozens of sites and blogging platforms promising you to publish your articles, poems or stories with as much ease as possible, but do they really stand by their words? For a most of young writers, their write-up is a valuable asset for them, and they want them to be published through safe hands as easily and simply as possible.

Recently I stumbled upon a startup called, which seems to be a pretty simple way to start a blog with basically no hassle. is a light weight blogging platform that uses the Dropbox backend to create your very own elegant and static weblogs. Moreover it gives you the freedom to work from any environment or editor app; plus if you choose to work through partnered-app, you get a special vantage of publishing your write-up straight from your writing environment.

What makes this blogging platform even more innovative is that reads the Markdown file format thereby allowing you to customize text formatting, post titles, dates and tags as per your choice. There also exists a theme directory and just in case you aren’t satisfied, you can always edit the existing themes or create new ones too.

Additionally, you can use your favorite text editor and decide your own custom domain name to point the blog – making it truly a dead-simple tool to use.

Started by Andreas, is built by a seven-member team based at Stockholm, to make web publishing easier and help writers throughout the globe write more by doing less.