Timezoneslider – Helps in scheduling your time with people in different time zones

Timezoneslider – Helps in scheduling your time with people in different time zones

The perks of studying or working abroad or in countries having different time zones is known to one and all. Lack of communication and confusion regarding the contrast in time has been and will continue being a stumbling block in one’s life further hampering the smooth flow of work. Before an important meeting with a client staying abroad, one has to set up a legitimate time that would suit both the parties situated at different ends. Setting up an online meeting, therefore, becomes a demanding task.

Discrepancy in the time zone also affects the general people at large who have their near and dear one’s stationed abroad. Not being able to talk to your friends or family due to differences in time adds on to the misery. With the help of Timezoneslider, you can now schedule online meetings fitting the needs of the parties on both the ends.

Timezoneslider is a free online tool that lets you choose a time which would be convenient to you and your client at the other end thereby preserving the loss of time. You don’t have to create new accounts or sign up to benefit from this app. Through Timezoneslider, you can find out the time in other countries and fix meetings and the like accordingly. All you have to do is type in the name of the person concerned and select the city/location.

The users are provided with different colored markers such as white, red and green which display the midnight, current and sync time respectively. Timezoneslider, also allows to you add uncounted time zones.

Next time you need to set up a time which complies to your client or an important online chat with your family, Timezoneslider will assist you in doing so!