Kukoo – Offers a temporary inbox that helps you schedule unimportant emails


Email is much too important to just be “taken over.” It is the best means of communication in a professional manner, and can also be friendly as well. However, we often lose out on a lot of time since the emails we receive are either unimportant or uncalled for. It takes too much of our attention and eats up our productivity. It is humanly not possible for us to keep a track on the number and genre of emails we receive per day. Kukoo, a Belgian startup helps you schedule unimportant emails by offering a temporary inbox for emails you don’t need to read immediately.

Instead of spending hours reading unnecessary emails (social media notifications, newsletters , daily deal alerts and so on and so forth), you can now with the help pf Kukoo allow only important emails to reach your inbox and at the same time queue up the not-so-important emails. You can also specify Kukoo about the date and time at which the emails should be delivered to your inbox as per your convenience through Kukoo’s dashboard.

All you need to do is sign up for @kukoo.com and decide when you want your emails to be delivered along with certain delivery rules. Not just this, you can also use your on domain instead of @kukoo.com by setting up a forwarding email address and directing it to your kukoo address. Kukoo is a great platform to help you gain back control over your emails.

Kukoo - Don’t let email interrupt your entire day

Started by Tijs, Tom Claus and Mattias Geniar, Kukoo is a convenient and easy way to regain your lost productivity.