Gimme Bar – Create your unique collection of texts, images or video candidly

Gimme Bar – Create your unique collection of texts, images or video candidly

Can you tell exactly how many bookmarks you have got in your browser? Or how many of those bookmarks have you used recently? Research tells us that the more you use internet, the more and more you tend to collect bookmarks in your browser. The fact is that the large list of bookmarks clutter up the browsers, and gives rise to a host of time-consuming issues. If you are wondering about how to get rid of this problem which has been bothering you for long, here is Gimme Bar, an app to storing your valuable data.

Typically, there are about hundreds of apps designed for Android and iOS to organize the bookmarks for your browser. With the availability of so many apps, the demands of internet consumers has also been varying. Nowadays, we find that with organizing the bookmarks, the synchronization of them is also vitally important. And this is where, Gimme Bar helps you to collect all the valuable data be it text, image or video from the web and save it candidly under one single roof.

Rather than just keeping the bookmarks; it stores them in your personal library over the cloud.

Storing tons of bookmarks in our browser is not an issue anymore. The problem is to find them instantly when you actually need it. The beta app brings in a quick solution to this by giving you the freedom to store the content both with and without the original link. You can extract the exact snippet, by pulling it into the Gimme Bar box which appears at the bottom of the page. All you need to do next is to add a description, and plug into your collection from where you can access it anytime.

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Once you have created your own archive, it is very easy to access. The items are arranged in a chronological order, and making it convenient to share them via social networks. Additionally, it also allows the users to take a back-up of anything under the sun, (except the videos) to their Dropbox account.

Now, there’s certainly a good and hassle-free way to pile up your collection of bookmarks and manage them easily.