Just Eat – India’s largest online food portal

Just Eat - India's largest online food portal

The conventional method of going to a restaurant, waiting in a queue to book a table or calling up the restaurant during its peak hours to order your favorite dishes only to be replied in a hurried nonchalant manner is slowly dissolving in thin air. It is giving way to digitized and online methods, which are being used by almost everyone in the country. JustEat is such an online food ordering and table reservation portal.

Foodies like us who are extremely busy and cannot find time to make a call or wait for hours to retrieve a menu and place orders will definitely like the options provided by JustEat. It is a one-click ordering system, which is presently offering services along with 2500 restaurants, 52 cuisines and 3 lakh dishes. The headquarters of JustEat is situated in Bangalore and there are branches in Mumbai, Delhi and other smaller cities. There are 3.5 lakh registered users of this reputed portal.

Just Eat – India’s largest online food portal

So why exactly are people relying on this online food portal. The reasons are clear and simple. No one likes waiting endlessly to place orders or book tables in restaurants. Ordering via JustEat is faster and easier. When placing orders via telephones there is no menu available in front of us. There are chances of making hasty and erroneous orders. JustEat ensures that all the update versions of every restaurant’s menu is available online and reduces the chances of making any mistake while placing orders. The best thing is that even before visiting a restaurant you will get to know what others, who have been there, think about it. You can check the reviews and ratings of each restaurant. Also JustEat gives enormous chances of discounts and loyalty rewards to its clients. Considering every aspect, JustEat only makes you a winner while you are “just eating”.

The procedure of placing an order is extremely basic. Choose whether you wish to order food or book a table. Once you have selected your preference you will be asked to choose the restaurant, this can be filtered as per various options. Suppose you are ordering food then you may go forward and choose the dishes of your choice and the quantity that you want. The entire order details are displayed clearly. If you want then you might add any personalized instruction such as “Do not add peanuts or pepperoni”. Next comes the choice of delivery type “Home delivery” or “Pickup Order”. You can either pay online or choose the mode of Cash on Delivery. Do not forget to give your contact details. Also mention if you have any voucher code as that will fetch you discount on the total billing amount.

Ritesh Dwivedy, CEO founded JustEat on July 26, 2006. And in just a few years it has achieved the stage of being the sole market dominator in the sphere of online food ordering trade. Recently JustEat has been launched on Android, iPhone and Windows 8 platforms. It has expanded in countries like Canada, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Brazil, etc. The parent company is situated in United Kingdom.

So foodies grab the best offers and save yourself time and worry and “Just Eat”.