Shopigram – A new trend of retail therapy

Shopigram - Your local stores always open

Online shopping and mushrooming chain retail stores have brought a ever greater variety in goods and pricing for consumers but really hurt our friendly neighborhood local shop owners. Most of us consciously try to shop locally either to help the local businesses or simply for the joy of it but can’t fully commit to it owing to lack of convenience akin to online stores or lack of knowledge about the local stores in the neighborhood. Shopigram comes to your rescue by bringing you best of both the worlds.

Shopigram is an online shop where you can discover and buy from local and independent stores from major European cities. Every seller is selected and you will find not any big or International retailers. Currently you will only find stores from Brussels. London and Paris stores are soon to be launched.

The products categorized into four universes cater to online products as well as products which can be picked up from the stores. As a customer, you can locate these stores on map and find their contact details, opening hours, promotions etc and explore the best products based on store or category. As a retailer, you get online publicity, a marketplace to showcase your best products, a personalized shop page and a way to share your products on the social media. With the Shopigram iPhone app, putting up anything for sale is as easy as click and upload. If you are a premium customer, you get your own iPhone app for the store.


The transaction fee is 8% for a free plan and the pricing details for premium accounts available only on contact. The features that set it apart from a yellow pages online with a sell option is its own mobile app for a store, Windows sticker(QR Code + Download app), detailed statistics and newsletters for your followers. There are similar stores but they cater to a small audience like marketing farm produce and are quite popular in the US but not so much in the European markets. So Shopigram is a pioneer in its own right.

Shopping from a variety of hand-picked products while helping your friendly neighbor is great form of retail therapy. Try it out!