– Make your CV stand out – Make your CV stand out

Every job enthusiast has an Achilles’ heel – the CV. Traditional resume, has been in need of sincere make over for a long time now. First impression may or may not leave a lasting impression but a CV that stands out does make ‘that’ difference, which will land you the job of your dreams.

There is crazy competition, when it comes to placements. With so many institutions and so many qualified personnel in the market there is but little scope for risks. has come up with a very innovative form of resume compilation to break away from the stereotype of boring, lengthy text CV’s.

The free-to-use online tool that brings to you a very cool, colorful and visually appealing mode of CV creation.  It is a platform that enables you to express your professional proficiency with simplicity yet making it compelling.

With a wide range of styles and themes, subject to your modifications and customization’s  from fonts, colors and backgrounds, your CV surely stands out for the quality and a first impression. - Kenneth Lee's Resume also has a very funky store that sells cool customized t-shirts at very reasonable prices.

You can share your on social networks or print it as an Adobe file, with an option to integrate it on your website as well. The dashboard has an integrated statistics information for tracking the views on your CV.

Incubated by Digital Media Zone, the Toronto based startup has already bagged few prominent awards.

So are you applying for a job? Get a visualized CV with that will make your application stand out in the crowd. – Start showcasing your expertise


Lack of focus is one of the most common errors people make on their resume, but a strong focus is critical to showing the employer that you match his or her needs. Your resume must clearly show:

  • What makes you valuable?
  • How you will help potential employers

And if you’re still not satisfied by posting your resume at dozens of networking sites, will surely convert your resume to a cash machine. What makes it more interesting is its clean layout which adds more of an infographic touch than just being a plain and boring resume. Apart from being fully customized it is super easy to start.

To head on, you build your resume by adding your online work as portfolio items and then link your social profiles to it; thereby making it a one-stop place to showcase your work history, web presence and skills to the audience. Oh yes, it’s all for free.


What makes it even more alluring is that the platform is dead simple and easy to allow people sell their time, services and products directly to anyone.

Brainchild of Dan Jacobs, is the one of best ways to get focus oriented web presence and promising job opportunities. – A better way to get endorsed

Stablish Badge

In an era of technology where communication skills and social networking play a major role, do you believe that your resume is the only element that will stand out and make your talents visible? I doubt that, and I’m pretty sure once you check out; even you’ll have a different perspective.

Students today are enthusiastic and build their career to be a part of the next big thing; however the loophole drops in when there is no authentic platform to showcase one’s skills and competencies. This is where comes in action – a platform helping people identify their personality traits.


Primarily, is more like an endorsement on a social network where you make a profile, which is more like an authentic CV, integrated with your very own contacts over the web.

To start, just sign up and create a profile and let your friends, colleagues and contacts co-create your CV by giving you respective badges that highlight your talents and skills. This process surely encourages and impels people to find the right person and assemble teams for some new business ideas.

Moreover as you get endorsed over the period of time, you’re probably going to unlock more special badges that ensure you a higher rank during search results.

Co-founded by Dominic and Benedikt, is a four member team based in Zurich.

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