Resocious – All new social network to redefine your interests


With the globalization of the world, the concept of social networking has gained widespread popularity. Social networking initially was meant only to boost up social relationships. It meant initiating a date, pastimes of people, party announcements and a host of things. However, the key factor behind the increasing popularity of the social media today is for its power of arresting attention, on the basis of the varied interests of people. Apart from serving merely as a platform of interaction and personal communication, these websites function largely as online promoters and enhances the visibility of several brands.

Today, the social media marketing forms an indispensable part of the small scale businesses. The social networking sites tend to construct a public profile of an individual. It accumulates a list of people who share a connection, and can be linked with each other on the basis of their common interests and habits. Thus, the strangers too can connect with each other and share their common views or interests on a particular thing via these sites.

The changing trends offer a wide range of choices in interests and practices as well. Resocious is a brand new social network, which focuses mainly on the likings and developing interests of people. During the procedure of signing up, you begin by putting in your interest lists. If there is any discussion on your favorite topic, it immediately pops up in your news feed. Resocious encourages you to expand your world, and to rediscover your interests by uploading and sharing multiple photos via bookmarklet or uploader, tagging them as interests and sharing them with all your connections. There is a trending bar, which showcases the most active interest at a point in time. You can easily add it up in your profile and take part in all the interesting discussions around you.

Founded by Richard Aberefa, the innovative startup Resocious tries to figure out which related topics and discussions will arrest your gaze, so that you are always updated about the interesting happenings in and around you.


If you are brand freak, or a fashionable youth, Resocious is just the place for you. Quickly connect yourself with several people or a wide range of brands and products of your choice, always stay updated about the latest trends, best deals and coupons offered by your favorite brands!